Would You Live Here?

Videojournalist James Murray explores the new ways Canadians are choosing to live, and live together.


Learn more about converting retail shops into residential homes

When your corner store goes belly-up, maybe there is something you can do - move in.  In the final episode of our series on alternative housing, James Murray meets people who have turned retail shops into residential homes.

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Learn more about container homes

James Murray explores the cheap and surprisingly cheerful new trend of living in shipping containers.

For more information on container homes, visit:

The ZIGLOO website


Learn more about cohousing

James Murray introduces us to a group of people in Vancouver who are sharing more than just space - they're creating a new kind of co-operative community.  It's all part of the growing cohousing  movement, created in Denmark in the 1960's and now with locations operating in BC, Alberta and Ontario. 

Click here to see a blueprint of Cranberry Commons

Read one of the development's founding documents

For more information on cohousing, visit:

The Cohousing Development Consultation website

The Canadian Cohousing Network website