World leaders react to Trump victory

Leaders from around the world are quick to react — by tweet and telegram, with congratulations and requests — to Donald Trump's election as U.S. president.

Trudeau says Canada hopes to advance 'our strong and prosperous partnership' with U.S.

Russian President Vladimir Putin talked of 'building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington' in a message to U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. (Alexei Nikolsky/Presidential Press Service/RIA Novosti/Associated Press)

Leaders from around the world were quick to react — by tweet and telegram, with congratulations and requests — to Donald Trump's election as U.S. president. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the Republican a telegram congratulating him on winning the U.S. presidential election early Wednesday. In a brief statement, the Kremlin said Putin expressed "his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state."

Putin also said he has "confidence that building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington that is based on principles of equality, mutual respect and a real accounting each other's positions, in the interests of our peoples and the world community."


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed the importance of trade, investment and security in his congratulatory remarks early Wednesday. 

"Canada has no closer friend, partner and ally than the United States," Trudeau said in a statement. "We look forward to working very closely with president-elect Trump, his administration, and with the United States Congress in the years ahead, including on issues such as trade, investment, and international peace and security.

"The relationship between our two countries serves as a model for the world. Our shared values, deep cultural ties, and strong integrated economies will continue to provide the basis for advancing our strong and prosperous partnership."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada has 'no closer friend, partner, and ally than the United States.' (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Trump, calling him a "true friend of the State of Israel."

Netanyahu said Wednesday he believes the two leaders "will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights."

Earlier, a key ally in Netanyahu's centre-right coalition, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, said Trump's victory means that "the era of a Palestinian state is over." The Palestinians want a state in lands Israel captured in 1967.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Trump a 'true friend of the State of Israel.' (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)


President François Hollande said Trump's victory launches "a period of uncertainty."

"This new context requires that France be strong," he said, in French, in a statement released via Twitter. "What is at stake is peace, the fight against terrorism, the Middle East and the preservation of the planet."


Without commenting directly on Trump's election, China's government said Beijing hopes to work with the new U.S. administration to build sustainable ties and expressed confidence the two countries can handle trade disputes maturely.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing that China is "looking forward to making concerted efforts with the new U.S. government to ensure the sustainable, steady and sound development of bilateral relations" to benefit both countries' people and the world.


Chancellor Angela Merkel offered Trump "close co-operation" on the basis of shared trans-Atlantic values that she said include respect for human dignity regardless of people's origin, gender or religion.

Merkel told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday that the campaign that ended in Trump's victory featured "confrontations that were difficult to bear."

Germany's Angela Merkel offered Trump 'close co-operation' on the basis of shared transatlantic values. (Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)

Merkel stressed Germany's close historical connection with the United States. "Germany and America are connected by values: democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for the dignity of human beings, independently of origin, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views."

She added: "On the basis of these values, I am offering the future president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, close co-operation."

She said the partnership with the U.S. "is a foundation stone of German foreign policy."


Turkey's prime minister called on Trump to extradite a U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen — blamed by Ankara for the failed coup in July — as soon as he is sworn in.

Binali Yildirim also said Wednesday that he hoped that the new leadership in the United States would take into consideration Turkey's "sensitivities concerning the fight against terrorism," give priority to policies that would bring peace and stability to the region and advance traditional friendship between the two countries.

Ties between the two allies have been strained over perceptions in Turkey that the United States is reluctant to arrest and extradite Gulen


Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Trump in a message posted on Twitter.

Modi tweeted that "we appreciate the friendship you have articulated toward India during your campaign."

He added that "we look forward to working with you closely to take India-US bilateral ties to a new height."

Trump had reached out to Indian-American voters at a rally in New Jersey in mid-October, praising Modi and vowing to defeat terrorism while acknowledging that India had suffered terror strikes, including the deadly 2008 attacks that killed 164 people.

In the Indian capital Wednesday morning, a small group of men from the rightwing Hindu nationalist group Hindu Sena celebrated Trump's victory at a central protest ground, where they brandished posters and photos of the U.S. president-elect while dancing and sharing sweets.


President Rodrigo Duterte, who has lashed out at Barack Obama for criticizing his deadly anti-drug crackdown, congratulated Trump.

Duterte said he looks forward to working with the new American leader to further enhance the treaty allies' relations.

Duterte, who took office in June, has had an uneasy relation with the U.S. The 71-year-old leader has announced his desire to scale back joint combat drills with the U.S. military and end the presence of foreign troops, including Americans, in the country in two years.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he looks forward to working with Trump to further enhance the treaty allies' relations. (Bullit Marquez/The Associated Press)

In Duterte's statement on Trump's victory released by his spokesman, however, the tough-talking Philippine leader was unusually diplomatic.

"President Duterte wishes President-elect Trump success in the next four years as chief executive and commander-in chief of the U.S. military, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a statement. Duterte, he said, "looks forward to working with the incoming administration for enhanced Philippines-US relations anchored on mutual respect, mutual benefit and shared commitment to democratic ideals and the rule of law."


The Iraqi government said relations with the U.S. have a "solid base" and this is not expected to change after Trump's election.

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Iraq is keen to develop its relations with the U.S. and "boost co-operation in the fight against terrorism."


Iran's semi-official news agency Tasnim has quoted the country's foreign minister as saying that the U.S. needs to implement its part of multilateral international commitments under last year's historic nuclear deal.

During the campaign, Trump criticized the deal and suggested he would try to renegotiate it. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted saying that any U.S. president "should have a correct understanding of realities of the world and our region and face them realistically."

European Union

The EU's foreign policy chief said that the trans-Atlantic ties with the United States go beyond the election of Trump.

Federica Mogherini said Wednesday in a Twitter message that "EU-US ties are deeper than any change in politics. We'll continue to work together, rediscovering the strength of Europe."

EU Parliament President Martin Schulz said the result "must be respected" as he said that Trump "managed to become the standard-bearer of the angst and fears of millions of Americans."

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