WikiLeaks publication expected in waves

The latest batch of classified files assembled by WikiLeaks is expected to be unveiled over several days, and reports say diplomatic musings about Canadians having an inferiority complex will be published Thursday.

Diplomatic musings refer to Canada's 'inferiority complex'

The latest classified files obtained by WikiLeaks are expected to be published in segments, with potentially embarrassing information gleaned from diplomatic cables released throughout the coming week, British media reports say.

The initial group of the messages from U.S. embassies and consulates around the world was published Sunday and another batch was expected on Monday.


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The diplomatic cables released so far have included backhanded remarks made by U.S. diplomats about some of their allies, as well as world leaders.

The Telegraph said Canadians can expect a mention Thursday regarding their "inferiority complex," while corruption allegations in Afghanistan will be under the spotlight Friday. Saturday will cover Yemen, while next Sunday will see the focus shift to China.

Washington, fearing embarrassing revelations from its embassies and consulates, had been working to stop the whistleblower website from releasing the U.S. dispatches.

U.S. authorities wrote to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asking him not to release this cache of files.

In a letter released Saturday, the Obama administration warns that the publication would endanger the lives of "countless" individuals and "place at risk ongoing military operations."

The new batch of files were made to the New York Times, England's Guardian newspaper, Germany's Der Spiegel news magazine, the French newspaper LeMonde and the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

WikiLeaks said on Twitter that its website was, for much of the day on Sunday, under a denial of service cyber attack, which can shut a site down by flooding it with user hits.

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