Who wants to marry a multimillionaire? Not the bride

Just a week after marrying a total stranger in front of a television audience of 23 million people, Darva Conger says she made a big mistake and wants an annulment.

Speaking on ABC's Good Morning America Conger said, "I committed an error in judgment."

Conger married Rick Rockwell on the Fox Television special Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire on Feb. 15. "I am not married to him. In my heart I'm not married to him."

The program began with 50 contestants, all willing to marry a complete stranger. All they knew was that he was a multimillionaire. Conger was the winner, but within days there were allegations Rockwell wasn't what he said he was.

On Saturday the online news service Smoking Gun reported that in 1991 a California judge had issued a restraining order against Rockwell for allegedly hitting and threatening a former girlfriend.

Rockwell denied the allegations, but did admit he has a temper.

The couple spent their honeymoon in separate bedrooms.

Conger told ABC she was "in complete shock" after winning the contest. "I wish I had the moral fortitude at that point to walk away," she said, adding that she feared hurting the producers by ruining the show.

An annulment clause was included in the agreement to participate in the show. Conger said she would seek an annulment. Rockwell agreed that is likely.