Intruder arrested on White House grounds

The U.S. Secret Service says a person is under arrest after climbing a fence and getting onto the south grounds of the White House.

No hazardous material found after backpack search in incident late Friday

An intruder carrying a backpack entered the White House grounds late Friday and was arrested without incident by the U.S. Secret Service. (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters on Saturday that the United States Secret Service did a "fantastic job" stopping an intruder who scaled a White House fence late on Friday and entered the grounds.

Trump, who was in the White House at the time, said he was told about the intruder on Friday night. He called the intruder a "troubled person."

Trump made his comments at the start of a meeting with cabinet members and some senior White House staff at a golf course he owns outside Washington D.C.

The Secret Service said the breach into the south grounds of the White House happened at about 11:38 p.m.

Authorities did not immediately identify the suspect, but Martin Mulholland, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, said the person had no arrest record or history with the agency, which is charged with protecting the president, his family and other elected officials.

The backpack carried by the intruder was screened and searched as a precaution, and no hazardous material was found, according the statement.

The Secret Service searched the north and south grounds but nothing of concern turned up. Neither the Secret Service nor the White House responded immediately to a request for further details.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was briefed on the incident.

The agency didn't provide an update on the individual's status. Standard practice is to hand intruders over to the local police department.

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