Video shows cause of Newark airport chaos

A man who sneaked through security to meet a woman was the culprit behind a six-hour terminal shutdown at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to a video released Thursday.

Still-unidentified man sneaked through security at woman's beckoning

A man who sneaked through security to meet a woman was the culprit behind a terminal shutdown Sunday at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

A surveillance video released Thursday shows a guard leaving his post. That allowed the man to sneak into the terminal without going through security.

The security breach caused extensive delays after federal officials closed the terminal for six hours.

The video shows a man embracing a woman before she enters a secured, passengers-only area of the terminal. After the guard leaves his podium for several seconds, the woman comes back halfway toward the exit and motions to the man. The man ducks under the rope and walks past the vacant podium.

The video was released at the insistence of New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Lautenberg wasn't immediately available for comment on the video Thursday, but said in a statement that "the release of this video will give law enforcement another tool to help find the person who breached the security gate at Newark Liberty Airport. I encourage this individual or anyone with knowledge of his identity to immediately contact law enforcement."

TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said the man would face criminal charges if he is found.