U.K. fugitive taunts police on Facebook

A man who escaped from a prison in Suffolk, England, three months ago continues to taunt police over the internet, using his Facebook page.
Craig Lynch, seen here on Facebook, vanished from a prison in Suffolk in September near the end of a seven-year sentence for burglary. ((Facebook) )

An escaped British prisoner is taunting police over the internet, using his Facebook page.

Convicted burglar Craig Lynch, 28, has been updating his profile regularly since he escaped from prison in Suffolk three months ago.

He has been mocking authorities for failing to find him and openly musing about moving across the Atlantic. His profile picture shows him making an obscene gesture at the camera.

One fan warns him to be careful and "don't get caught" because his IP address is given to Facebook at every log-in.

In a recent update, Craig (Lazie) Lynch says Facebook deleted his original page of over 4,000 fans, but since signing up again, that number has already risen to 3,000.

"Trying to figure out my plans for New Years. I know what I want to do but it's not that easy," he writes.

Police said Lynch was serving a seven-year sentence for committing a burglary with a weapon. They're appealing to his Facebook friends to help track him down.

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