TRANSCRIPT | Ship to shore radio exchange after accident

The Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground off the west coast of Italy

Radio transcript between Italian Port Authourity and unnamed officer

The Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground off the west coast of Italy.



'We have a blackout'

Radio exchange, reported by Sky Italia to have occurred at 10:12 p.m. local time on Jan. 13 between a Livorno Port official and an unidentified Costa Concordia officer:

Port: Good evening Costa Concordia. Do you have problems on board?

Concordia: Yes, affirmative, we have a blackout on board. We are checking the situation.

Port: Do you need assistance or for the moment are you only staying in the Giglio area?

Concordia: Yes, affirmative, we are staying here in the area to verify the blackout.

Port: What type of problem, only generators? Because the Carabinieri of Prato got a call from a relative of a crew member who said that during the dinner everything fell on his head.

Concordia: No, negative, we have a blackout and we are verifying the conditions on board.

Port: Yes, since the passengers said you made them put on life jackets, is this correct?

Concordia: I repeat, we are verifying the conditions of the blackout.

Port: How long has there been this blackout?

Concordia: Approximately 20 minutes, 20 minutes.

Port: OK, we go back on (channel) 16. Keep us informed of the situation.

Concordia: Affirmative, we'll stay on standby on (channel) 16. We'll keep you informed.