Sobeys aims to scrap plastic bags from all stores in 2020

Sobeys plans to remove plastic bags from all its grocery stores in Canada by the end of January 2020.

Q&A: Catherine McKenna talks climate emergency, plastics ban and pipeline expansion

Canada's environment minister was in Halifax to talk about Ottawa's single-use plastics ban with her provincial counterparts, and sat down with CBC Information Morning's Portia Clark.
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This house was built using 600,000 recycled plastic bottles

A pair of entrepreneurs with boat-building backgrounds have constructed a home in Nova Scotia using thousands of melted recycled plastic bottles.

These N.L. women have plastic-free periods. Why aren't more doing the same?

Some women are taking the anti-plastic movement further than straws and bags by making their menstrual cycles plastic-free, and are urging more people to talk openly about their periods, their products, and their waste.

Canada's single-use plastics ban not enough, N.S. group says

The Halifax-based Ecology Action Centre wants the federal government to go further with its single-use plastics ban and have more rules in place for the fishing industry.
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Divers plunge for trash on World Oceans Day

A toilet, a stereo and a two-day-old newspaper were among the items plucked from the ocean floor Saturday by divers in Terence Bay, N.S.



Cannabis producers cutting back on plastic waste after consumer backlash

Some weed producers are cutting down on plastic waste after backlash from consumers that started days after legalization.
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4 ways to talk to people about plastic, without sounding like a jerk

A little social etiquette can go a long way when talking about the environment.
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Some Cape Breton eateries cutting out plastic cutlery

Some Sydney, N.S., food establishments are serving up more environmentally friendly take out. The Little Rollin' Bistro food truck and Selkie's Neighbourhood Diner have switched out some of their single use plastics for compostable options.
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Q&A: Some biodegradable bags survive years in water, underground

CBC News spoke with a Dalhousie University environmental studies professor about some new research on biodegradable bags that found they aren't necessarily as advertised.
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Amherst students raise pollution awareness with plastic bag mural

Students from every grade at Spring Street Academy in Amherst helped collect single-use plastic bags to create the mural.
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Plastic bottle caps to be used in waste-water treatment

Instead of being tossed in the trash, plastic bottle caps will soon be deployed in a pilot project in Canso, N.S., to help break down waste water at a local treatment plant.
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Get your fill, forget the single-use plastics at downtown St. John's store

Shoppers in St. John's have a new option for environmentally conscious shopping, as The Healthy Vibe adds a refill station for household products - with Corner Brook's coming soon.
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How to spring clean your community's beaches, waterways and roadsides

In the spirit of CBC's Waves of Change project, we want to make it easy for you to get involved in cleaning up your community.

'Overwhelming' response on plastic bag ban a good thing, says MNL

The policy is expected to take six months to a year to implement.

Fishing for an alternative to plastic? Fish guts could be a green solution

Chemistry student Courtney Laprise has been cooking up a solution to single-use plastics. Her main ingredient? Oil from fish guts.

Talk Ocean Devotion and single-use plastics at Land & Sea screening

Jane Adey will be part of a panel discussion Tuesday, March 26, at the Manuels River Interpretation Centre.
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As these N.L. small businesses ditch plastic, one expert says: that's the future

From salt to soap, small entrepreneurs in this province are shedding environmentally unfriendly packaging, and pointing a way forward for growth.

Hardware store fighting plastic bags with old jam jars

In just about every garage or shed, you'll find old jars filled with nails and screws. Now, you'll find the same thing at Home Hardware in Manuels. Customers can grab a jar, free of charge, instead of using a plastic bag.

Perfecting plastic: How MUN researchers are working toward a biodegradable plastic

With the provincial government continuing its research on the possibility of banning single-use plastic bags, graduate students in chemistry at Memorial University are researching new materials that would make bags biodegradable.
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P.E.I. schools turn to water filling stations to reduce single-use plastic

More schools across Prince Edward Island are turning to water filling stations as a way to reduce single-use plastic.
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Placentia Bay research catalogues shoreline plastics, big and small

From microplastics to bigger chunks, a research team is trying to find out what's there, and where it came from.
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Women are leading the zero-waste movement. Here's why that matters

The face of the movement is female, and it's reframing traditional ideas of environmental activism.
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Iceberg alley shouldn't be littered by plastic bags, say Twillingate stores

Starting this month, shoppers at major stores in Twillingate will only be offered cloth or paper bags for their food.

Low-waste living: How one St. John's woman is cutting back and avoiding plastic

There are plenty of ways to cut down on what goes to the landfill and avoid wasteful single-use plastic items, says Amelia Reddick.