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International students drive demand for driving lessons in Cape Breton

International students in Cape Breton are signing up in droves for driving lessons. Some want a driver's licence in order to find part-time employment, a requirement for many jobs, or as an alternative to public transit.
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Smorgasbord of international cuisine brings 'sense of vibrancy' to Sydney

Immigrants to Cape Breton are expanding palates and the business community.
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International students dominate CBU student council election

New elections are being held this week, and the cafeteria walls are plastered with campaign posters as nine international students vie for the top two positions. There are no domestic students on the executive ballots.

Global Studies: Listen to interviews from CBC's series on international students at CBU

CBC Cape Breton produced a week-long series on the thousands of international students who are now attending Cape Breton University, totalling 56% of the enrolment.
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CBU international students say make a plan, avoid scams in housing search

Cape Breton University has hired a full-time off-campus housing coordinator to help students after many arriving from abroad struggled to find housing last fall.
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Cape Breton family gives neighbourly namaste to students from India

Some residents of a Sydney, N.S., neighbourhood have taken a houseful of international students from India under their care, providing meals and advice on everything from recycling to the power bill.
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A Cape Breton store wanted workers. 500 international students applied

The huge influx of international students at Cape Breton University is helping fill a void in the local labour market. Many need to work part-time to support themselves, and competition among job hunters is strong.
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CBRM's struggling bus system does U-turn thanks to influx of students

Only four years ago, Cape Breton Regional Municipality's public transit system was facing major cuts due to the area's shrinking population. Cape Breton University has turned that around.
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Lack of jobs leads CBU international students to soup kitchen

International students are becoming familiar faces at a Sydney, N.S., soup kitchen. The trend started in September, which saw a dramatic spike in international enrolments at Cape Breton University.
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These students are a world away from home, but have found another in Cape Breton

There are currently more than 2,600 international students from 41 countries enrolled at Cape Breton University. We asked a few of them how they ended up in Cape Breton, and how they're getting along.
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Surge in international student population leads to major growth for CBU

When it comes to student enrolment, Cape Breton University has been charging ahead of other post-secondary institutions in the region.
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Cape Breton University welcomes flood of international students for winter studies

Cape Breton University is welcoming about 500 new international students as the winter semester gets underway Monday, but the increasing number of international students is posing some challenges for the university.

International students drive up ridership at Transit Cape Breton

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality's transit service is growing thanks to an influx of international students at the local university.

CBU prepares for another influx of international students

2,000 international students started at CBU in September and another 500 will start in January.

International students settle in at Cape Breton University

Close to 1,400 international students are enrolled this year, with 800 from India and 500 from China.