OPINION | North's Liberal vote a rebuke of Harper's Arctic policy

Monday's election saw the territories’ three incumbent MPs go down to defeat, which can only be read as a rebuke of Conservative policy in the North, says political scientist Jerald Sabin.

Nunavut should declare state of emergency over suicide crisis

An inquest into Nunavut's devastating suicide rate has laid bare the territory's lack of capacity to cope — but to trigger federal help, a territory has to ask, writes guest columnist Laura Eggertson.

Solving Nunavut's food insecurity will need local input

Gloria Song of Cambridge Bay says friends in southern Canada often ask her what they can do to help fight food insecurity in Nunavut. She says people could start by listening to Northerners.

$36M for Yellowknife's Canada Games could be better spent elsewhere

There's a lot of enthusiasm for hosting the Canada Winter Games in Yellowknife in 2023, but guest columnist Garth Wallbridge argues that the money needed to host the event could be better spent elsewhere.

Consensus government not working in the N.W.T.

The Yukon left 'non-partisan' politics behind decades ago and now has a contentious, thriving political scene. N.W.T. doesn't and its voter apathy is due to the consensus style of governing, argues guest columnist Jack Danylchuk.

Why does the Canadian justice system treat aboriginal people as if they’re all the same?

Much has already been said about the death of Edward Snowshoe after 162 days in segregation, but part of Snowshoe’s story raises other critical questions that strike at the heart of the interaction between indigenous peoples and Canada’s legal system, writes Kris Statnyk.

The Inuit spirit of sharing is alive this Christmas

A growing number of southerners are flooding Nunavut with donations of food, clothing, toys and sports equipment this year. 'Southern generosity should be received in the same spirit in which it is given; not in the spirit of welfare,' argues guest columnist Manitok Thompson.

Bill S-6 is a fundamental violation of the modern day Yukon treaty relationship

Kirk Cameron argues that the proposed changes to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act are an affront not just to the aboriginal people of Yukon who spent 20 years in treaty negotiations, but to all Yukoners.

Time for some serious thought about Inuvik’s future

Inuvik is today being challenged by forces both local and international, by economic stresses far greater than any it has faced before, and its future is, at best, uncertain, writes Doug Matthews.

Let’s talk about street harassment in the North

A video went viral this week of a woman facing dozens of catcalls as she walks through New York's streets. Whitehorse writer Eva Holland says it's a problem in our small northern cities too.