'A lot of hurt': N.S. moves ahead with grief services in areas affected by 2020 mass shooting

The provincial government is looking for a group to handle grief services in northern Nova Scotia, months after millions in federal and provincial funds were promised for mental health resources in the area.

N.S. justice minister urges 4 municipalities to implement police oversight boards

The province has committed to reviewing how police oversight boards work in Nova Scotia, but one expert says the system has a long way to go because some municipalities have been allowed to break provincial law for years.

'Disgusting': Husband of N.S. mass shooting victim outraged after theft from memorial park

The husband of one of the victims of the Nova Scotia April 2020 mass shooting is disgusted and disheartened after two large steel beams were stolen from a memorial park in Debert, N.S., earlier this month.

N.S. shooting report calls for police to be 'secondary' in public safety work

The report into Nova Scotia's mass shooting calls for conventional police to be partners in public safety work alongside other fully funded service providers, saying police are often "not best trained or equipped" to deal with people in crisis.

Lawyer for some families in N.S. mass shooting says gun bans won't prevent similar tragedies

Recommendations from the final report into Nova Scotia's 2020 mass shooting around prohibiting certain firearms and magazines in Canada doesn't address how similar tragedies could be avoided, says a lawyer for many families of the victims.

Inquiry report singles out Heidi Stevenson for praise amid blunt criticism of RCMP

There is one notable exception to all the criticism the RCMP faced over the events of April 2020, when 22 Nova Scotians were murdered. The Mass Casualty Commission, which investigated the causes and consequences of that deadly weekend, singled out Acting Cpl. Heidi Stevenson for praise.

N.S. mass shooting report calls lack of mental-health care a 'public health emergency'

The final report into the Nova Scotia mass shooting has validated what friends, neighbours and family members of those killed in April 2020 have been saying for years: they were failed by the province and are still dealing with a "public health emergency" because of unmet mental-health needs.

Trudeau says government will adopt 'many' recommendations from N.S. mass shooting report

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government will adopt "many" of the recommendations in the report on the deadliest mass shooting in modern Canadian history — but it's still not clear which commitments Ottawa will implement.

Trudeau promises change as Ottawa reacts to N.S. mass shooting report

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised changes in the wake of the inquiry into the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia that left 22 people dead. The commission investigating the tragedy released a report Thursday with 130 recommendations.

Lisa Banfield's lawyer praises commission report for calling out victim-blaming, RCMP exploitation

When lawyer Jessica Zita opened the Mass Casualty Commission’s final report this week, she says she felt deeply moved by the focus on gender-based violence and specifically how her client Lisa Banfield has been mistreated.

Anti-violence advocates say mass shooting report validates their calls for urgent change

Advocates for victims of gender-based violence say the mass shooting report gives a sense of urgency to changes they've wanted for years.

As Portapique grapples with trauma of N.S. mass killings, community members call for better supports

The Mass Casualty Commission published its final report Thursday, after an inquiry into the 2020 mass shooting that left 22 people dead in Nova Scotia.

Families made to feel like 'a pest' in mass shooting inquiry, says victim's daughter

Darcy Dobson lost her mother, Heather O'Brien, in the mass shooting in Nova Scotia three years ago. She has been critical of how the Mass Casualty Commission inquiry was conducted, but is "pleasantly surprised" at the final report.

N.S. premier commits to inquiry's call for review of policing services

Premier Tim Houston said his government is committed to a call from the Mass Casualty Commission for a community-wide process to discuss the future of police services in Nova Scotia.

Lucki's gun call wasn't political interference but new rules are needed: N.S. mass shooting report

A report on the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia says then-RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki's infamous call to local Mounties was "ill-timed and poorly expressed" — but did not amount to political interference.

Change needed to end 'epidemic' of gender-based violence, says N.S. mass shooting report

The final report from the inquiry examining the 2020 mass shootings in Nova Scotia calls for sweeping change to end gender-based violence.

Sask. politicians united in opposition to recommendation that RCMP change training model

All prospective members of the RCMP are required to go through six months of training at Depot in Regina, which was first established in 1885.



Police shouldn't be the sole solution to gender-based violence, St. John's lawyer says

Erin Breen says the Mass Casualty Commission report is moving in the right direction, by placing less emphasis on the criminal justice system to prevent violence against women.

'Somebody is listening:' Families of N.S. shooting victims hope final report brings change

The recommendations from the final report into the Nova Scotia mass shooting of April 2020 will decrease future violence if acted upon quickly and taken seriously, commissioners say.

Commanding officer of the NS RCMP on Mass Casualty Commission's report

Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, commanding officer of the RCMP in Nova Scotia responds to yesterday's report from the Mass Casualty Commission.

Lawyer Erin Breen on difference MCC recommendations could make for domestic violence

A lawyer for some of the intervenors in the Mass Casualty Commission hearing will tell us what difference she thinks the recommendations will make on domestic violence.



N.S. mass shooting report condemns RCMP failures

An inquiry into the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia has delivered a scathing report denouncing the RCMP’s actions during the crisis. With 130 recommendations in total, the Mass Casualty Commission recommended a major overhaul to the RCMP.



Gender-based violence an epidemic: N.S. shooting inquiry

Gender-based violence be treated as an epidemic that needs a 'whole of society response,' says the Mass Casualty Commission's final report on the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia.



Calls for an RCMP overhaul in N.S. mass shooting report

Three years after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting in Nova Scotia, an inquiry has condemned the RCMPs response, calling for a major overhaul of the force.



Top Nova Scotia Mountie reflects on MCC report

In an interview with Tom Murphy, Dennis Daley talks about changes made since the Portapique tragedy, including emergency alerting.