What both sides of gun-control issue want to see from N.S. shooting inquiry

Advocates for both gun-owner rights and stricter firearms controls say police, the federal government, and border services could take actions to help prevent massacres like the Nova Scotia mass shooting from happening again.

N.S. gunman's frequent trips abroad put him on a border watch list. They found nothing

A newly released document shows the Canada Border Services Agency had grown suspicious about Gabriel Wortman before he murdered 22 people in April 2020.

On final day of inquiry, RCMP lawyer says N.S. mass shooting response 'far from perfect'

On the final day of a lengthy public inquiry into the massacre, a lawyer for the RCMP and federal government acknowledged the police response was "far from perfect."

RCMP were 'careless and calculated' in charging partner of N.S. mass shooter: lawyer

The RCMP were "careless and calculated" in their decision to charge the partner of the Nova Scotia mass shooter through an investigation where police deceived her and violated her rights, her lawyer says.

Lawyer says 'petty feud' between RCMP, municipal police may have cost lives in N.S. shooting

A lawyer for the family of the last person killed in the Nova Scotia mass shooting says it seems the "petty feud" between RCMP and municipal forces impacted how the tragedy unfolded, and how many lives were lost.

Lawyers lay out 'failings' in RCMP response to Nova Scotia mass shooting

The Mass Casualty Commission leading the inquiry into the tragic events of April 18 and 19, 2020, heard final submissions from the family members of many victims during hearings in Truro, N.S., on Tuesday, either through lawyers or speaking on their own behalf.

N.S. mass shooting inquiry enters final week of hearings

After seven months of testimony and thousands of documents piecing together what happened around the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, the final week of public proceedings will hear what participants think recommendations should be.

N.S. mass shooter preyed on vulnerable denture clients, traded services for sex

The man responsible for the April 2020 mass killings in Nova Scotia preyed on vulnerable women through his work as a denturist and exchanged dental work for sex, according to a new report submitted to the Mass Casualty Commission.

Sipekne'katik and Millbrook residents question RCMP failure to issue warnings about N.S. mass shooter

Two of the killer's 22 victims — a Mountie and a young man on an errand — were murdered near Sipekne'katik First Nation.

RCMP has a history of failing to follow outside advice after deadly events

The RCMP has an uneven record when it comes to implementing recommendations and guidelines following tragedies, according to a CBC News analysis. And that raises concerns as the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting winds down and a probe of the horrific recent stabbing rampage in Saskatchewan gets underway.

Chair of N.S. shooting inquiry worries budget constraints could impede RCMP watchdog

Chairman Michael MacDonald says he's concerned that 'police misconduct can go unaccounted for' if the purse strings on the budget for the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP are tightened.

RCMP says recording of disputed Lucki phone call did exist but has been deleted

Lawyer for victims' families says it would have been helpful to know about recording to clear up the 'glaring discrepancy' between what Lucki and N.S. RCMP officers say happened on that call.

Former N.S. justice minister says he left RCMP after force refused to adopt Alert Ready

Former Nova Scotia justice minister Mark Furey has told the Mass Casualty Commission he encountered "strong opposition" to a proposal to use a public alerting system in 2012, and that opposition played a key role in his decision to leave the force.

Why many N.S. municipalities may need to pay more for policing

The resources that police forces in Nova Scotia need to protect the public — and how they'll pay for those resources — will soon be finalized through new standards, in a major shift from years of informal agreements that RCMP leaders say have become a "drain."

Senior RCMP officer admits he didn't brief Commissioner Lucki about guns or fallout

Deputy Commissioner Brian Brennan of the RCMP, in charge of contract and Indigenous policing, is appearing before the Mass Casualty Commission leading the inquiry into the April 2020 massacre in Nova Scotia.  

Nova Scotia's mass shooting inquiry receives warning about ignored recommendations

The inquiry into the mass shooting in Nova Scotia heard Thursday from experts who warned that the federal and Nova Scotia governments have a poor track record when it comes to implementing recommendations from previous inquiries.

RCMP officer who considered N.S. gunman a contact has no memory of threats complaints

An RCMP officer who visited the Nova Scotia mass shooter about 16 times, years before the mass shooting, and was tasked with investigating at least one report of his illegal guns, is testifying before an inquiry into the 2020 massacre.

RCMP officers involved in N.S. mass shooting inquiry linked to gaps in earlier murder case

Multiple RCMP officers involved in the Nova Scotia mass shooting inquiry have been linked to gaps in a 2017 murder case now undergoing a federal civilian review, including the Mountie who visited the gunman for tips on local crime in Portapique.

Simmering rift between RCMP, municipal police, boils over in N.S. inquiry

The mass shooting in April 2020 that scarred Nova Scotians has also strained the fraught relationship between the RCMP and municipal forces in the province, with leaders bringing their feud into the inquiry examining the massacre.

N.S. Mass Casualty Commission final report delayed

In a notice on Friday, the commission leading the inquiry into the April 2020 massacre where a gunman killed 22 people across the province said it was granted an extension for its final report. The final report was due Nov. 1, 2022, but the new deadline is March 31, 2023. 

Halifax police chief says it's 'inconceivable' they wouldn't have considered alert in mass shooting

Chief Dan Kinsella testified Thursday afternoon before the Mass Casualty Commission leading the inquiry into the April 2020 massacre where a gunman killed 22 people across the province. 

RCMP commissioner apologizes to families of victims in mass shooting

Commissioner Brenda Lucki is testifying for the second day before the Mass Casualty Commission leading the inquiry in Halifax, and is expected to be questioned by various lawyers.

RCMP head says claims of political interference after N.S. mass shooting 'not based on fact'

The head of the RCMP is testifying today before the public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting, following weeks of controversy around whether she was under political pressure to release information about the gunman's firearms ahead of the Liberal government's gun control legislation.

Retired top N.S. Mountie outlines 'failures' in mass shooting response

The former top Mountie in Nova Scotia has highlighted what she thinks went wrong during the 2020 mass shooting response, including a 'failure' to properly search the small rural community where the massacre began.

RCMP commissioner, former top N.S. Mountie set to testify at public inquiry

This week the Mass Casualty Commission is expected to hear from Lee Bergerman and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.