Explainer: Emergencies Act inquiry — what's been said, what happens next

Experts are sharing their insights with an inquiry into the federal government's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to end the Ottawa convoy protests. Here's a breakdown of the inquiry's mission, the biggest revelations so far and what will happen next.

Ask Me Anything: Emergencies Act inquiry

This week's segment is on the Emergencies Act inquiry, specifically Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's testimony. Michael Kempa answers your questions. He's an associate professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa.

Trudeau 'serene' about invoking Emergencies Act, says police plan to clear protest 'wasn't a plan at all'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today dismissed claims that police in Ottawa were on the verge of executing a plan to clear the anti-COVID-19 restrictions occupation last winter, arguing that the plan "wasn't a plan at all."



Convoy protests a ‘dangerous moment’ for Canada’s economy: Freeland

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told the Emergencies Act inquiry that last winter’s convoy protests and border blockades were damaging Canada’s reputation and posed a serious threat to the country’s economy.



Key ministers testify at the Emergencies Act inquiry | At Issue

The At Issue panel discusses what has been revealed at the Emergencies Act inquiry during a key week of testimony from cabinet ministers and what to expect when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testifies on Friday.

RCMP wanted to keep Emergencies Act in place for weeks to 'finish what we started,' docs show

The RCMP argued to keep the Emergencies Act in place for weeks and worried revoking emergency powers would "send a powerful message to protesters," the inquiry reviewing the government's decision to invoke the never-before-used legislation heard.

Emergencies Act inquiry lawyer calls out an 'absence of transparency' as solicitor-client privilege invoked

Justice Minister David Lametti today defended his government's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to deal with anti-public health measure protests last winter — but wouldn't expand on the legal opinion the government received, citing solicitor-client privilege.



Ministers’ texts shed light on how convoy protests were handled

Text messages sent by Liberal cabinet ministers during the convoy protest that gridlocked downtown Ottawa for weeks last winter were presented at the Emergencies Act inquiry, offering insight into how they handled the situation behind the scenes.



What we've learned from the Emergencies Act inquiry so far

As the inquiry looking at the use of the Emergencies Act to end last winter's convoy protests enters a critical phase, David Common looks at what we've learned so far about what happened and where things went wrong.

Mendicino says Lucki warned him of 'urgent' threat of violence in Alberta before Emergencies Act was invoked

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says the head of the RCMP shared with him sensitive police information the day before the government decided to invoke the Emergencies Act — and warned him that some protesters in Alberta were willing "to go down with the cause."



RCMP had information suggesting convoy protests could turn violent

The public safety minister says the head of the RCMP warned him of an urgent threat of violence at the anti-vaccine mandate protests in Coutts, Alta., the day before the Emergencies Act was invoked.

'Your guy really screwed the pooch,' texts Kenney, upset with feds over Coutts blockade

Former Alberta premier Jason Kenney accused the federal government of leaving provinces "holding the bag" to clear Freedom Convoy protesters who blockaded a border crossing in southern Alberta, a public inquiry has learned.

Enterprise Canada pushes back against Nazi flag claim made by convoy lawyer

Enterprise Canada is pushing back against what it says are “irresponsible and reckless” statements made by Brendan Miller — a lawyer representing convoy protest organizers at the Emergencies Act inquiry — about one of the communication firm's employees.



Head of CSIS, cabinet minister give rationale for use of Emergencies Act

The first of several senior cabinet ministers has now given his rationale for using the Emergencies Act to the public inquiry into the decision, while head of Canada’s spy agency testified that he recommended the government invoke the serious legislation to deal with last winter’s convoy protest in Ottawa.

CSIS head says he supported invoking the Emergencies Act last winter to address convoy protests

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) says he supported invoking the Emergencies Act to address anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate protests last winter because the regular tools were "just not enough to address the situation."

Memo advising PM to invoke Emergencies Act admitted its interpretation was 'vulnerable': docs

The memorandum to the prime minister suggesting the government invoke the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history acknowledged its interpretation of a national security threat could be challenged, the inquiry reviewing that decision heard Friday.

PM's national security adviser suggested Emergencies Act's definition of a security threat should change

The prime minister’s security and intelligence adviser says that the definition of a "national security threat" under the terms of the Emergencies Act should be changed to better reflect the times.

Finance department worried blockades would torpedo negotiations with U.S. on EV tax credits

The Canadian government was worried about how the convoy protests and blockades would damage its trading relationship with the U.S. and jeopardize negotiations over electric vehicle (EV) tax credits, a senior Department of Finance official told the Emergencies Act inquiry on Thursday.

Convoy blockades halted almost $4B in trade, inquiry hears

Transport Canada estimates that up to $3.9 billion in trade activity was halted because of border blockades across the country related to protests against COVID-19 restrictions last winter.

Death threat against Trudeau sent to CBSA during convoy protests, Emergencies Act inquiry hears

The Canada Border Services Agency received a death threat against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and inquiries about how to import bullets during last winter's convoy protests, the Emergencies Act inquiry heard Wednesday.



Head of RCMP testifies at Emergencies Act inquiry about key omission

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki testified at the inquiry into the federal government's use of the Emergencies Act during the convoy protest, admitting she didn't tell cabinet ministers about a plan already in place to remove protesters before the act was invoked.

Trudeau's national security adviser felt convoy protest posed 'a threat to democracy:' documents

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's national security and intelligence adviser believed that the convey protesters posed a "threat to democracy," according to a document tabled at the Emergencies Act inquiry.

RCMP head told feds police had not used 'all available tools' night before Emergencies Act was invoked

The night before the federal government invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act to deal with the convoy protest in Ottawa, the head of the RCMP told a senior public safety official that she felt police had not yet exhausted "all available tools," the public inquiry examining the government's response to the protests heard Monday.

Under fire over claims of political interference, Lucki calls for new rules on RCMP's relationship with Ottawa

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki says it's time to bring in better guardrails between the national police force and the federal government to avoid future allegations of political interference.



Federal officials testify at Emergencies Act inquiry for 1st time

In the first day of testimony from federal officials, the Emergencies Act inquiry heard Canada’s intelligence agency didn’t believe the truckers protest posed a security threat, while also hearing testimony about communications breakdowns and a planned meeting with protesters that never happened.