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When the pandemic trapped Cory Wallace in Nepal, the pro bike racer rode it out in a monastery

As a professional mountain bike racer, Cory Wallace is accustomed to new adventures and high adrenaline situations. As it turns out, those were both pretty good attributes to have when waiting out the pandemic in a Nepalese monastery.

China, Russia and Cuba win spots on UN Human Rights Council

China, Russia and Cuba won seats on the UN's premier human rights body Tuesday despite opposition from activist groups over their abysmal human rights records.

Federal government settles lawsuit over deadly suicide attack on Kabul embassy

The federal government has quietly settled a lawsuit filed by survivors and family members in the wake of a suicide bombing outside the Canadian embassy in Kabul four years ago that killed 15 Nepalese Gurkhas and Indian private security contractors, CBC News has learned.
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Dear Diary: How this early childhood educator is creating memories with her son

In this instalment of our series, Dear Diary: In a Time of COVID-19, Rekha Poudel tells the story of the art she made with her son during the pandemic, and how it is bringing her family closer together.

The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for June 1

The latest on the coronavirus outbreak from CBC News for Monday, June 1.

Meet the 'forgotten Canadians' stranded in remote corners of the world demanding help to get home

They are the outliers — the last 10 per cent of Canadians stranded abroad who want to come home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Canadian government may not be able to repatriate all of them.
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Dear Diary: How the pandemic reminds this Calgarian of what it's like being a newcomer to the city

In this instalment of our series Dear Diary: In a Time of COVID-19, Sharmila Ranabhat reflects on her time in isolation, the new hobby she’s taken up, and how living through the pandemic reminds her of when she first arrived in Calgary.

Niagara man stranded in Nepal finally comes home after weeks in COVID-19 lockdown

A Hamilton man trapped in Nepal during the COVID-19 shutdown has returned home.

A journey from Nepal to love under quarantine in St. John's: One couple's story

After years of waiting, Tilak Chawan is finally living a life he’s been dreaming of — spending every moment with his wife Mamta Bhurtel.

'Just send a plane' pleads family of Niagara man stranded in Nepal amid COVID-19

A Canadian man stranded in Nepal worries he won't make it back home anytime soon.

Green Everest: Business

A number of NGOs and companies claim to clean up Everest of garbage, but they may still consider it a business, and a lot of that waste ends up in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

There are 2 different species of red pandas, genetic study shows

Red pandas, the bushy-tailed and russet-furred bamboo munchers that dwell in Asian high forests, are not a single species but rather two distinct ones, according to the most comprehensive genetic study to date on these endangered mammals.

U of Manitoba breast milk researcher wins $6.5M grant to 'take a deep view of milk'

A University of Manitoba researcher has landed a $6.5 million grant to advance her studies on the benefits of breast milk.

Planes of foreigners leave China as coronavirus death toll rises, infection spreads

Several countries have begun moving their citizens out of the Chinese city hardest-hit by an outbreak of a new virus that has killed 132 people and infected more than 6,000.

China's coronavirus quarantine like using an 'atomic bomb' to deal with outbreak, expert says

While China's response to the new coronavirus outbreak is being praised in comparison to its handling of the SARS epidemic, some are suggesting officials may have gone too far by ordering a quarantine of the city of Wuhan.

Mother pleads for Canada to evacuate her daughter from 'life-threatening' situation in Wuhan

A mother in B.C. is pleading with the Canadian government to evacuate her daughter from the locked-down city of Wuhan, China, saying the situation is "life-threatening."

Canadian aid worker Peter Dalglish set to appeal child sex conviction in Nepal

A prominent Canadian aid worker convicted of sexually assaulting two children in Nepal is set to argue he was the victim of a police conspiracy and unfair trial.

Lawsuit launched against sex offender Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh

A Nova Scotia man who had convictions for sexually abusing minors thrown out due to Charter violations is being sued by six complainants who say they suffered a lifetime of emotional harm from alleged sexual abuse inflicted on them by Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh.

Wheeler's Everest: Chod – Sacred Land

While Mount Everest isn't considered sacred to Tibetans, the land around it was fertile ground used fora spiritual practice called Chöd. The landscape was home to hundreds of hermits seeking enlightenment.

Man shatters record for scaling world's highest peaks

A Nepalese man shattered the previous mountaineering record for successfully climbing the world's 14 highest peaks, completing the feat in 189 days.

Hong Kong protesters take violence to new 'life-threatening' level, say police

Violent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have escalated to a "life-threatening level," police said Monday after a small bomb exploded and a police officer was stabbed overnight.

China's Xi urges dialogue on Kashmir, meets with Pakistan, India leaders

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi will welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping at an informal summit this week, the Indian foreign ministry said on Wednesday, their talks coming at a time of strained ties over the disputed region of Kashmir.

Keyano College introduces 1st cricket team

Keyano College introduced its first cricket team this year; and it’s expected to bring in more international students.

Floods kill 113 in north India in late monsoon burst

Heavy rains have killed at least 113 people in India's Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states over the past three days, officials said on Monday, as floodwaters swamped a major city, inundated hospital wards and forced the evacuation of inmates from a jail.

Ginger Garlic distinguishes Nepalese food as more than Indian-Chinese fusion

A trio that established themselves at a respected Indian restaurant in Regina have now opened the province's only Nepalese eatery: Ginger Garlic. CBC Saskatchewan's food columnist Allan Pulga visited to hear about their journey and try their standout dishes.

N.S. man once jailed in Nepal for sex abuse was too ill to register as offender: Crown

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, who served time in a Nepalese prison for sexually abusing a nine-year-old boy, has been acquitted on a charge of failing to report to police in Quebec and register as a sex offender upon his return to the country.

Passengers with disabilities say new rules present some greater barriers to air travel

Tracy Odell, president of Citizens with Disabilities Ontario, is one of a number of advocates who say new rules ostensibly designed to make air travel more accessible fail to go far enough — and in some cases mark a step backward.

Nepal considers stricter conditions for Everest climbers after deadly season

A Nepal government committee formed after a bad mountaineering season on Mount Everest has recommended new rules that would require climbers to have scaled tall peaks, undergone proper training, and possess certificates of good health and insurance that would cover rescue costs if required.

N.S. man who served time in Nepal for sexual abuse faces charge in Quebec

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh has been charged in Quebec after he allegedly failed to report his location to authorities upon his return to Canada.

Alberta cyclist scales Signal Mountain 11 times for 'Everesting' challenge

Dean Anderson has scaled Mount Everest without ever setting foot in the Himalayas.

Monsoon flooding death toll rises in South Asia

CBC News Network's Hannah Thibedeau speaks with UNICEF's Regional Emergency Advisor Carmen van Heese about the monsoon rains in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

Globetrotting family brings 72,000km bicycle journey to Whitehorse

Xavier Pasche, his wife, Celine Pasche and their two daughters, Nayla, 6, and Fibie, 2 have cycled 72,000 kilometres together for the past nine years, 11,000 of those kilometres after the birth of their two children.

Order of Canada member Peter Dalglish jailed 16 years for sexual assault in Nepal

A prominent Canadian aid worker convicted of sexually assaulting children in Nepal has been jailed for 16 years, one of his lawyers said on Monday.

Cypriot army captain sentenced to life for killing 7

A Greek Cypriot army captain has been sentenced to seven life imprisonment terms after pleading guilty Monday to killing five women and two children in a three-year murder spree in which he preyed on his victims online.

'No other choice': Winnipegger's story of 18 years in refugee camp among those highlighted by solidarity walk

Fearing persecution or death at the hands of the Bhutanese government, Damber Khadka fled his home country in the 1990s with nothing but the clothes on his back.
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Scathing probe of Oxfam GB slams aid group's failure to stop sexual, physical misconduct

A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: U.K.'s Charity Commission releases damning report following an 18-month probe into Oxfam GB's actions in Haiti; two New Brunswick teenagers have come up with a new system to predict floods.
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Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish found guilty of child sex assault in Nepal

After spending more than a year at an overcrowded jail near Kathmandu, prominent Canadian aid worker Peter Dalglish has been found guilty of sexually assaulting children in Nepal.

Mount Everest cleanup effort yields 4 bodies, 11 tonnes of garbage

Nepali climbers have retrieved four bodies and collected some 11 metric tonnes of decades-old garbage from Mount Everest and its approach below the base camp as part of a drive to clean up the world's highest mountain, the government says.

Everest is becoming more polluted and more dangerous due to global warming: scientist

Mount Everest and its surrounding peaks are increasingly polluted and warmer, and nearby glaciers are melting at an alarming rate.

Indian pilots spot 5 bodies in search for missing climbers in Himalayas

Indian air force pilots have spotted five bodies in the Indian Himalayas while searching for eight climbers who have been missing for a week.

'Appalling treatment': Couple in wheelchairs left alone for almost 12 hours at Vancouver airport

Two families are demanding answers from major airlines after their elderly parents were abandoned at an airport for hours — without help to access food, water or washrooms.

Rescuers search for 8 climbers missing in the Himalayas

An Indian rescue team has been sent to search for eight missing climbers who had been trying to climb the summit of Nanda Devi, the second-highest peak in India, and were probably hit by a large avalanche.

Illness kept him from reaching Everest peak, but Winnipeg firefighter already thinking of another attempt

Chad Swayze finds comfort in the fact that fate — not failure — was the only thing that stood between him and the peak.

Inexperienced, unfit climbers at the root of overcrowding on Mount Everest, guide says

The Nepalese government could take at least one action to prevent more deaths on the increasingly crowded Mount Everest, according to one guide: Stop issuing permits to inexperienced climbers. 

In a deadly season on Everest, Nova Scotia man completes seven summits

Mike Mulrooney successfully summited Mount Everest after climbing the tallest peak on each continent. He did so in a year when at least 11 others have died on the mountain.

B.C. climber 'pushed to the brink of death' on overcrowded Everest

Chris Dare worked for nine years to summit the tallest peak on each of the seven continents. Everest was last on his list, and the Victoria resident says it nearly killed him.

Crowding on Mount Everest is just one factor in death count, says Mark Ballard

"It was chaos coming down for sure," the Canadian climber said in an emailed comment.

Another climber dies during descent of Mount Everest

An American climber died during his descent from the summit of Mount Everest on Monday, a Nepalese official said, bringing the number of dead or missing mountaineers on the world's highest mountain to at least nine on the Nepali side during the current climbing season.

Explosions in Nepal's capital leave 3 dead, 8 wounded

Three explosions killed three people and wounded at least eight in different parts of Nepal's capital on Sunday, with police suspecting that an outlawed communist group was responsible.

'He's amazing,' says proud dad of St. John's climber who reaches Everest summit

"This is for you dad. Love, Mark," read a text Derek (Doc) Ballard got from his son early Wednesday morning.

Man sentenced to 3 years in crash that killed mother, daughter

Sumit Darji was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for his role in a September 2017 crash in rural south Ottawa that killed a mother and daughter

6 climbers dead or missing this week in the Himalayas

Two mountaineers have died on Nepal's famous Himalayan peaks, while another two climbers were missing, officials said Friday. Two died earlier in the week.

Students and staff at Vancouver school prepare to say goodbye to 104-year-old building

A presentation on the danger of earthquakes is helping students understand why 104-year-old Bayview Elementary — which is at high risk of total collapse — is being demolished and replaced by a new building.

Grief, transformation focus of Saskatoon art exhibition featuring colourful mandalas

Feelings of grief typically accompany the most difficult times in a person's life, but a Saskatoon art therapist says there is healing to be gained from the emotions associated with loss.

Journalists at TED 2019 conference fight for truth — and democracy

A handful of journalists from around the world are at this year’s TED conference speaking about how they’re fighting for independent journalism in their countries.

Disney or Everest? Guess which one these kids picked

An Ottawa family is packing their bags and heading to Nepal to hike to Mount Everest base camp, more than 5,000 metres above sea level.

For this St. John's man, Everest summit is just steps — many, many steps — away

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

25 killed, hundreds injured by Nepal rainstorm

A rainstorm swept through southern Nepal on Sunday, leaving at least 25 people dead and hundreds more injured, officials said. Nepal's Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli said he received a report of 25 people killed and 400 injured.

The 'special chili' at this east-end roti house makes the paratha sing

Breadmaker Raju Thapa perfects stuffed roti at his restaurant in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood, according to Metro Morning food guide Suresh Doss.

Deep snow, slush slowing ice melt on Lake of the Woods according to ice pilot

The man behind the website Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol, is not expecting that it will be a late ice out this year.

Calgarian mourns World Food Programme colleagues killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash

“They were all passionate about reaching zero hunger or passionate about women's rights and getting kids in school and inclusion and things that really are troubling in the world right now."

'I can do everything': Employment program tries to empower newcomers

​Hasta Subba spent years in a refugee camp in Nepal and didn’t want to spend the rest of her life cleaning hotel rooms in Fredericton.

New period emoji has women talking about menstruation

A new emoji expected to be released in March has some women on the Island looking forward to a new means of communicating about their periods online.

Quebec skilled worker applicants face uncertain future in light of immigration overhaul

Applicants like Mahmud Ghasemi Bijan, a PhD student in electrical engineering at Concordia University, received an email this week saying that their applications are on hold.

Got your period? New blood drop emoji aims to spark conversation

Women and girls will be able to use an emoji to chat about their periods from next month.

Thawing of Earth's '3rd pole' could affect 1.9 billion people, study says

At least a third of the ice in the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush will thaw this century as temperatures rise, disrupting river flows vital for growing crops from China to India, scientists say.

Just imagine if the Liberals branded legal weed in their own image

In a satirical column, writer Edward Riche speculates on what a Liberal strain of cannabis products might be called.

Buddhist documents translator to donate his $890K poker win

Scott Wellenbach had quite a run at a poker tournament that wrapped up Wednesday night in the Bahamas and the 67-year-old plans to donate all of the winnings.

Family sponsorship opportunities for Calgary immigrants get a boost for 2019

Immigrants living in Calgary have an improved chance to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada as a new round of government sponsorship applications gets underway this month.

Bus plunges 500 metres down mountain slope in Nepal, killing 21

A bus carrying college students and their instructors back from a botany field trip excursion drove off a highway in a mountainous area on Friday, leaving 21 people dead and 15 injured, according to police.

Hundreds of women bikers rumble into Calgary

About 200 women bikers have descended on Calgary for an annual gathering of Women in the Wind — which started in the U.S. in the 1970s and has since expanded internationally.
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Elon Musk fires back at Tesla critics amidst company shake-up, NTSB probes

A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: Tesla CEO Elon Musk fires back at critics; Israel's extensive border wall with Gaza is being beefed up; making a claim to Everest fame is becoming increasingly difficult

Hammarskjold high multicultural club to host 1st week-long celebrations during school lunch hour

For the first time in Thunder Bay, Ont. a multicultural club at Hammarskjold High School is hosting a week long multicultural event starting on Monday, May 14 to showcase the different cultures in the community.

U.S. government moves to expel 57,000 Hondurans by 2020

The Trump administration said Friday it will end temporary protections for immigrants in the United States from Honduras on Jan. 5, 2020, leaving as many as 57,000 people vulnerable to deportation.

Calgary app connects active Canadians with new gym buddies

Hafiz Mitha launched an app called PlayCity a few years ago, which helps sports and gym enthusiasts find people to play or work out with.

Puccini, Plinko and a tasty tour: What's on in Calgary this weekend

Better late than never. After a prolonged snowy spring, the warmer weather is set to hit this weekend. With it comes every opportunity to break out of hibernation mode and hit up some entertainment.
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Canada returns to peacekeeping, but we're no Ethiopia

A deeper dive into the day's most notable stories with The National newsletter's Jonathon Gatehouse.

Climbers on Alaska peak may need to pack out more of their poop

The waste can be more than just bothersome. Climbers on Denali, the centerpiece of sprawling Denali National Park, get all their drinking water by melting snow.
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Norwegians get richer as sovereign wealth fund adds billions

A deeper dive into the day's most notable stories with The National newsletter's Jonathon Gatehouse.
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Michael Flynn's lie to FBI could mean trouble for Trump

A deeper dive into the day's most important stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse.

Islander airlifted off Everest trail after contracting a parasite

About a week into Susan Walsh's ascent to Everest base camp, she and her husband had to abandon their journey when she fell ill.

Meet Yeti, the so-called abominable snowman that science yet again says is just a bear

DNA analysis on purported "Yeti" specimens found they belonged to three kinds of bears and a dog.

Toronto couple brings their #vanlife to the One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind Show draws eccentric artisans from across Canada to Toronto. But only two of them got there in the business van they also call home.

Canadian Forces officer named one of Canada's 100 most powerful women

Lt.-Cmdr. Kelly Williamson describes being named to Top 100 list of Canada's most powerful women as humbling.

20 Canadian ideas to improve child health win support from Grand Challenges

Twenty Canadian projects have won Grand Challenges funding, among them an Uber-like connection that can help get pregnant women in Kenya to health care; a 3D printer project to provide orthotic devices for Nepali children with clubfoot and scoliosis; and a microchip that can figure out what pathogen is causing diarrhea in children in Bangladesh.

Liberals plan six-year, $760M spending spree for Canadian embassy security in fiscal update

Canada's foreign embassies and diplomatic outposts are getting new funds to bolster their security and some analysts say it is badly needed.

Hindus celebrate Diwali: the festival of lights

The colourful celebration of Diwali began Thursday this year marking the triumph of good over evil and the Hindu new year.

'On top of the world': Islander journeys through the Himalayan mountains

Ian Handrahan left P.E.I. for the Himalayas earlier this month and has spent the last few weeks trekking through Nepal's little villages in the sky and climbing mountains above the clouds.

'I knew he was a star': Former refugee releases CD on P.E.I.

He arrived on P.E.I. a decade ago from a Bhutanese refugee camp. Now Parshu Giri is about to release his first CD.

Mexico earthquake: soft soil makes capital shake like it was 'built on jelly'

The soft soil that lines the ancient lake bed that Mexico City is built on amplified the shaking from Tuesday's earthquake and increased its destructive force, seismologists say.

Foreign workers allege 'life savings' paid for Mac's jobs that didn't exist

Foreign workers who allege they paid thousands of dollars to secure non-existent jobs at Mac’s convenience stores have had their claims certified as a class action lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court.

B.C. filmmaker examines reconstruction efforts in Nepal

Cowichan, B.C., filmmaker Nick Versteeg is set to screen Nepal's Heartbeat Sept. 19, a chronicle of reconstruction efforts in the country after a devastating earthquake.

North Korea, Rohingya to dominate UN world leaders summit

Facing an escalating nuclear threat from North Korea and the mass flight of minority Muslims from Myanmar, world leaders gather at the United Nations starting Monday to tackle these and other tough challenges — from the spread of terrorism to a warming planet.

Horizon recruits 2 new thoracic surgeons after facing staffing 'crisis'

The Horizon Health Network has successfully recruited two new thoracic surgeons about six months after being faced with a critical shortage when two surgeons went on unexpected leave.

Amherstburg nurse delivering aid in Caribbean as volunteer after Hurricane Irma

Carolyn Davies is heading to the British Virgin Islands as part of a group of volunteers from Canada trying to deliver medical aid to a region hit by what experts call the most expensive storm to ever hit the Caribbean.

Foreign students choose University of Alberta as 'Trump Factor' and recruitment take effect

International student enrolment at the University of Alberta is on the rise again and administrators attribute the trend to a years-long recruitment campaign and a new element dubbed the 'Trump Factor.'

Hurricane Harvey's havoc, a desert in bloom and North Korea fires a missile: The week in pictures

Top images from around the world for the week of Aug. 26-Sept. 1.

As devastating floods roll through South Asia, Canadians reach out to help

Ontarians are reaching out to help provide relief while monsoon season continues to hit parts of South Asia with a devastating intensity, killing more than 1,000 people and directly affecting 40 million more.

Buddhist translator from Halifax wins $92K in poker — and he's giving it away

Scott Wellenbach is 66 years old and lives an unassuming life in Halifax translating Buddhist teachings from Sanskrit and Tibetan. He's also a pretty awesome poker player.

Migrants with no status in the U.S. battle anxiety as they await Trump's next move

Many illegal migrants have been allowed to stay in the U.S. without official status, but indications from the Trump administration suggest that tolerance is disappearing.