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Thomas Daigle is a journalist for CBC News based in London.

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Why it's so tough for the 2 Conservatives vying to be British PM to fix Brexit

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the only MPs left standing in the race to replace Theresa May as Britain's Conservative leader and prime minister, and they both face the same, seemingly insurmountable, challenge: delivering Brexit.

A 'stain on the fair name of our soldiers': Remembering a Canadian riot that turned deadly in England in 1919

A riot by Canadian soldiers in 1919 that left an English police officer dead has come to be regarded as a tragic consequence of the uncertainty and anxiety the Canadians felt as they waited to be sent back home after serving in the First World War.

Brexit firebrand Farage appears poised for victory as EU divorce flounders

Nigel Farage's upstart Brexit Party is poised to make a splash in Thursday’s European elections, polling ahead of all others in voter intentions, including the U.K.’s governing Conservatives and opposition Labour.

'Very sweet': How donations are pouring in from around the world to fix Notre-Dame

Donations to the the French heritage foundation for the conservation — and eventual reconstruction — of Paris's fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral have been pouring in at an unprecedented rate. But no one knows how much restoration will cost, and some donors have been scammed by fraudsters.

Coping with Brexit 'trauma': Britons turn to meditation, therapy

The political crisis around Brexit has pierced Britain's psyche, experts say, and people are showing signs of the harmful consequences. They're seeking out meditation, therapy and other coping mechanisms as the withdrawal process drags on.

In a fraught Brexit process where relationship-building is key, May 'doesn't do any of that,' insiders say

The British prime minister's skills in negotiation and diplomacy are again under scrutiny Wednesday as she travels to Brussels to meet her EU counterparts and request another Brexit delay.

Why Britain isn't leaving the EU on Friday

For two years, Britain has been telling the world it will quit the European Union at 11 p.m. London time on March 29, 2019. Now, the U.K. is taking a longer route on its road to Brexit, but why? Is the breakup in doubt? Where is this headed? CBC explains.

'Absolutely devastating': British lamb farmers fear impact of no-deal Brexit

A vote in Parliament due Tuesday evening could help determine the fate of Theresa May's Brexit deal — as well as the fate of millions of British lambs being born right now.

Students abused at Catholic school for deaf boys in Verona seek closure at Pope's summit

Dozens of men who suffered physical and sexual abuse by clergy at a school for deaf boys in Verona, Italy, are still looking for justice. They'll travel to the Pope's summit this weekend to demand it.

'A bit messy on the other side': Dutch economy braces for Brexit shockwave

Politicians and business executives in the Netherlands are working to avoid the worst economic outcome as Britain’s uncertain future in the face of Brexit sends shockwaves to continental Europe.

Digging up the past: 40,000 skeletons being exhumed to make room for London train station

It may be a morbid scene to the uninitiated, but an exhumation process unfolding in London as part of massive U.K. archeological project is just one step in a government-approved plan to expand one of the city’s busiest train stations.

'Torn apart' by Brexit: Northern Ireland residents fear border could reignite violence

As Northern Ireland grapples with the prospect of a future outside the European Union, residents in a region shaped by decades of conflict known as the Troubles wonder how Brexit will affect tensions in border communities like their own.

'I've cried many times': WW II 'miracle' baby saved by Canadian soldiers makes long-lost connections

An English woman abandoned as a newborn in blackberry bushes outside London in 1941 has an emotional encounter with the son of a Canadian soldier who helped save her shortly after her birth.

Will Brexit be delayed?

British Prime Minister Theresa May is still trying to find a way for her country to leave the European Union with a divorce deal. But why is breaking up so hard to do?

Preparing for the worst: Britons stockpile food in case Brexit causes shortages

A growing number of British residents and companies are stockpiling goods and medication as a precaution in case the country leaves the European Union without a divorce deal and faces import delays and tariffs as early as March 29.