Taipei TransAsia crash and 11 other dashcam videos

As dramatic footage of a Taiwanese plane crashing in Taipei showed again this week, dashboard-mounted cameras have bore witness to tragic disasters and lucky escapes, whether capturing planes, trains, automobiles or even Russian meteor flybys. Here are some other incredible dashcam videos.

WARNING: Videos may contain disturbing images or language

RAW: Taiwan plane crash

7 years ago
Dramatic dashcam video of crash, emergency crews desperately trying to rescue survivors 1:18

As incredible footage of a Taiwanese plane crashing in Taipei showed again this week, dashboard-mounted cameras have borne witness to tragic disasters and lucky escapes, whether capturing planes, trains, automobiles or even Russian meteor flybys.

Here are 11 other dashcam videos.

Near crash for semi-truck on Ontario's Hwy. 11

Ontario Provincial Police said last February they have identified the truck driver as a 31-year-old Milton, Ont., man. Charges were expected to be laid.

2013 Russian meteor strike

Footage of the explosion of a meteor over Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast in the Ural Mountains region was widely captured on dashcams in 2013, owing to Russian drivers' penchant for using the cameras to substantiate insurance claims on the notoriously rough roads.

Lamborghini wipeout in Surrey, B.C.

Spectacular Lamborghini crash caught on video

7 years ago
Driver faces $700 fine after car ends up in ditch, smashes into tree 1:34

The driver of a Lamborghini valued at upwards of $240,000 lost control on Hwy. 99 in Surrey, B.C., late last year. The luxury car came to rest near a car wash after hitting a ditch and slamming into a tree. The 27-year-old Edmonton driver was facing over $700 in fines for unsafe passing, among other charges.

Cargo plane crash at Bagram airport

A Boeing 747 U.S. cargo plane crashed on its ascent from Bagram airbase, Afghanistan. The crash reportedly killed all seven American crew members on board, and the news service Storyful, which works to verify pictures and videos, found eyewitness accounts that appeared to match details of the crash seen in the video.

Hamilton, Ont., parking lot insurance scam?

RAW: Craig Schneider's dashcam video

7 years ago
Watch the video that makes this Hamilton-area man happy he bought a dashcam. 2:21

Though dashcams are very common in Russia for fraud protection, Hamilton, Ont.'s Craig Schneider credited a video for saving him for a potentially pricey car insurance payout for what he believes was a staged collision.

Helicopter nosedive in South Korea

Five people were reportedly killed when a firefighting helicopter took a nosedive in the city of Gwangju in South Korea. Local news broadcast the dashcam chilling footage showing the chopper's doomed flight ending in a massive fireball downtown.

Christmas Eve road rage in Richmond, B.C.

Profanity, tailgating caught on dash cam

7 years ago
Richmond driver captures road rage on dash cam 2:26

A Richmond, B.C., driver using the YouTube handle xSupaD shared scary video online of his car being tailgated over the holidays by an aggressive motorist. The video uploader, who gave the name Sean, told CBC News he tried to pull over to let the person behind him pass, but the driver only shouted out the window, and was evidently "looking for a fight."

Edmonton woman's 'violent' arrest

RAW: Dashcam footage of Simona Tibu's arrest

7 years ago
Simona Tibu alleges that she was the real victim during a traffic stop in the summer of 2013. She has been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer 10:16

Volunteer firefighter Jim Fredericksen was driving by when he heard Simona Tibu screaming for help as her arrest by a sheriff for speeding quickly escalated. In a 911 call, Fredericksen says the arresting officer "is getting really violent with her." After a lengthy legal battle, Tibu fought to get the video of her arrest released, saying the altercation traumatized her.

Dallas police seize attempted jumper

A pair of Dallas police acted quickly to seize a man teetering at the edge of the Martin Luther King overpass, apparently ready to jump to his death. The officers worked in tandem, with one distracting the man while the other sneaked up behind him before hauling him to safety. The Dallas Police Department said the officers were nominated for a Life Saving Bar award.

Flying tire on Toronto highway

A video posted by YouTube user Andrew Sukhdeo shows a tire smashing through his windshield, captured on his dashcam while he was driving westbound on Toronto's Hwy. 401 last month. "I'm lucky to be alive," he wrote in a description for the online video.

Policeman's sassy lip-syncing

In a viral video that brings together Taylor Swift lip-syncing with law enforcement, the Dover Police Department in Delaware released what it called a "dashcam confessional" of Master Cpl. Jeff Davis showing his appreciation for Swift's megahit Shake it Off while cruising in his patrol car. The video has amassed more than 28 million views since it was posted last month.


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