Syrian refugees spill into Jordan

CBC's Margaret Evans visits a massive Syrian refugee camp in Jordan to look at why some people see a military strike on Syria as the only solution for them to return home.

Many Syrian refugees are now living in the Zaatari camp in Jordan

Life Inside Zaatari

9 years ago
Duration 2:36
Margaret Evans goes inside a refugee camp in Jordan where 120,000 Syrians now live.

More than 2 million people have been forced to flee Syria because of the country's ongoing civil war.

Many of those refugees see military intervention as the only way it will be possible to return home.

 An estimated 1 million Syrians are in Jordan, with many in the massive Zaatari camp, which has been open for just over a year but looks like an established city.

CBC's Margaret Evans looks at why some see a military strike on Syria as the only solution.