Missing head and legs of Swedish journalist have been found, police say

Danish police says divers found the body parts on Friday, near where journalist Kim Wall's torso was found in August after she went on a trip with an inventor on his submarine for a story she was covering.

Journalist Kim Wall died after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine in August

Swedish journalist Kim Wall died after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine for a story she was working on in August. (Peter Thomson/AFP/Getty Images)

Danish divers have found the severed head, legs and clothes of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who died after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine, police said Saturday.

The body parts and clothing were found Friday in plastic bags with a knife and "heavy metal pieces" to make them sink near where 30-year-old Wall's naked headless torso was found in August, Copenhagen police investigator Jens Moeller Jensen said.

Moeller Jensen said there were no fractures to Wall's skull and he declined to comment on the discovery of the knife.

During a press conference in Copenhagen on Saturday, police spokesperson Jens Moeller Jensen said divers have found Wall's severed head, legs and some clothes. (Tariq Mikkel Khan/Ritzau/via Associated Press)

Peter Madsen, the 46-year-old Danish inventor who is in pre-trial detention on preliminary manslaughter charges, has said Wall died after being accidentally hit by a 70-kilogram hatch on the UC3 Nautillus submarine, after which he "buried" her at sea.

But police have said 15 stab wounds were found on the torso found at sea off Copenhagen on Aug. 21. Her arms are still missing.

Wall's cause of death hasn't yet been established yet.

The detention of Madsen, who has denied the charges, expires Oct. 31 when a court will decide if he will continue to remain in custody ahead of a possible trial. He is also held on preliminary charges of the indecent handling of a corpse.

Police believe the pair didn't know each other beforehand. Wall was working on a story about Madsen, who dreamed of launching a manned space mission. She was last seen alive Aug. 10 aboard the nearly 18 metre-long submarine as it left Copenhagen.

The following day, Madsen was rescued from the sinking submarine without Wall at his side and was arrested the same day. Police believe he deliberately scuttled the vessel.

In this file photo from Aug. 14, police technicians were working on board the homemade submarine where Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen before going missing. She has since been confirmed dead. (Mogens Flindt/Ritzau Foto/via Associated Press)

During their investigation, police have found videos on Madsen's personal computer of women being tortured, decapitated and murdered. The videos were considered to be real, according to prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen.

Madsen said the computer searched by police was not his but was used by everyone in the laboratory, Reuters reported. 

Investigators believe Madsen killed Wall between Aug. 10 and 11, cut up the body and attached a belt with a pipe to the torso with the purpose of making it sink, officials said, adding that her head, arms and legs had been deliberately cut off after her death.

Marks on the dismembered torso indicated that someone had tried to press air out of the body so it wouldn't float, police have said.

A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of Madsen is pending.

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