Swedish cops hit headlines for breaking up fight in N.Y.

Four photogenic Swedish officers vacationing in New York garnered headlines when they stepped in to break up a fight on the subway.

Four Swedish police officers were heading to Broadway show when fight broke out on the subway

Four Swedish Police Officers pose with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton who recognized their efforts in helping break up a fight on a Manhattan subway train Wednesday night (NYPD)

Four vacationing Swedish police officers on their way to a Broadway show found themselves in the headlines and making hearts swoon.

While on board a subway train en route to see Les Miserables, New York police say the four helped break up a fight between two homeless men Wednesday night. 

"We came here for vacation; we've been here one day," 25-year-old Markus Asberg, a police officer from Uppsala, Sweden, told the New York Post. "We're no heroes, just tourists."

Photos of the four immediately drew a reaction on social media, with some tweeting that the officers looked more like a boy band than policemen. 

The four officers — Eric Jansberger, Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell and Asberg — met with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who praised their quick action.

The aftermath of the incident was captured on video by New York resident Ray Casanova, who didn't realize at first that the men involved were police officers from Sweden.

"I though this whole time the Caucasian individuals were perhaps auxiliary police until I saw the article posted on the Gothamist website the following day that a friend of mine shared with me that they were actually Swedish police," he told CBC News via email.

Casanova said he noticed the professional manner in which the tourists handled a potentially dangerous situation. 

"Great police work on their part," he said. "If you hear the audio carefully, you can even hear the Swedish officers asking the man they had been restraining if he was OK several times."