Susan Ormiston

Senior correspondent

Susan Ormiston's career spans more than 25 years reporting from hot spots such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Haiti, Lebanon and South Africa.

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The Elizabeth Warren 'experience': On the road with the Democrats' anti-corporate, selfie-dispensing candidate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is aiming to reshape the U.S. economy by focusing on social plans for mostly middle- and lower-income Americans. To do so, the Democratic presidential candidate has pitched herself as part folksy girl from Oklahoma, part tough Harvard law professor, writes Susan Ormiston.

How thousands of asylum seekers have turned Roxham Road into a de facto border crossing

The unofficial border crossing at Quebec's Roxham Road is becoming entrenched as a destination for asylum seekers, with a permanent building, RCMP guards and thousands of entries in just two years.

'She's a phenomenon': Climate activist Greta Thunberg sailing into stiff winds in U.S.

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is both humble and keenly aware of the powerful pulpit she occupies, but the 16-year-old from Sweden could run into fresh opposition from climate doubters when she arrives in the United States.

Runaway princess and Emirati sheik face off in messy custody case in London

A "runaway" Jordanian princess and a powerful Emirati sheik are at the centre of a salacious custody case unfolding in London's family court, Susan Ormiston writes. 

The 'dude' of Downing Street: Boris Johnson and his daunting challenge

Boris Johnson is promoting unity, but Britian’s new prime minister faces a deeply divided Conservative Party and a country beleaguered by three years of political deadlock over Brexit.

Canadians demand accountability from Boeing as they grapple with wrenching loss of loved ones

The families of Canadian victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash are suing Boeing, alleging the plane manufacturer was negligent and put profits ahead of safety when it rushed the troubled 737 Max 8 plane to market.

Sri Lankan prime minister fears 'lone ranger' suicide bomber after Easter Sunday attacks

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe vows his country can eliminate the threats extremists pose following the Easter Sunday attacks but admits his greatest immediate fear is that a “lone ranger” may evade authorities and blow himself up in a public place.

Faith leaders in Sri Lanka fear reprisals but vow to unite country after Easter Sunday attacks

Muslim, Christian and Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka are appealing for calm and tolerance in the wake of the attacks that killed about 250 people. But they fear that extremism will drive a wedge between religious groups and encourage violent reprisals.

'They have no humanity': This woman lost her parents to Sri Lanka's deadliest blast

Deranjali Fernando lost both of her mother and father to one of the deadly attacks that swept across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Her two brothers were also in the church, but survived — one of them shielded from the blast by his parents' bodies.
CBC in Israel

Israeli election looms as referendum on 'King Bibi' Netanyahu's 13-year rule

In a razor-tight race to govern Israel, voters are facing a clear question — is Benjamin Netanyahu’s time up? Or will the 69-year-old prime minister be anointed for an unprecedented fifth term.

After losing 6 family members in plane crash, Ontario man visits Ethiopia in search of remains and closure

Of the 18 Canadians killed on the downed Ethiopian Airlines flight, Manant Vaidya’s family lost six. Now, the Brampton, Ont., family is hoping to find their remains and a sense of closure at the crash site.
CBC in Ethiopia

'My world went silent,' says grieving father who lost 5 family members as they flew from Toronto to Nairobi

Paul Njoroge travelled with family and friends to the crash site this week to see where Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 smashed into the ground, 65 kilometres southeast of Ethiopia's capital.

'They said nothing': Relatives of Ethiopia crash victims demand news from airline

Relatives of passengers and crew lost on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 are growing frustrated and angry with the airline, accusing it of a chaotic lack of transparency about the investigation into the crash.

Saudi teen who fled her family and risked her life says she had nothing to lose

A Saudi teen who arrived in Canada Saturday after fleeing her family says she needed to risk her life in order to live freely and be independent. And she feels that since arriving in Canada, she has been born again.

GM Canada president says electric vehicles are the future — but they won't be made in Oshawa

GM Canada’s president says "there isn’t anything to build" after 2019 at the company's Oshawa plant as the automaker bets big on electric and autonomous vehicles. There will be new GM jobs in Ontario, he says — just not on that long-running assembly line.