Surviving climbers describe ordeal on Mount Baker

A Vancouver man died and three other hikers were injured after falling into a cravasse on Mount Baker in Washington state.

Two men and a woman from the Vancouver area are recovering from a mountain trek that ended in tragedy over the long weekend.

One man died after the four climbers fell more than 20 metres into a crevasse on Mount Baker in nearby Washington state.

Mountaineering guide John Colver was the first to come across the four hikers Sunday morning. He was on his way down from Mount Baker's 3,000-metre summit when he came across three people, sprawled in snow and ice, on the Coleman Glacier.

"Two men were laying beside an ice cliff about 40 foot high with this 10 foot ledge, and one was seriously injured and had lost a substantial amount of blood," said Coleman.

The four hikers had been roped together, and one apparently slipped, dragging the others into a steep crevasse.

One man, Glyn Ewan, died of his injuries.

Another, Grant Block, managed to walk down the mountain, but two others spent the night above the snow line until doctors and a rescue party arrived.

Al Worobetz's daughter, Cheryl, is now resting at home in Burnaby. "She said it was pretty awful, it was cold and very windy," he said.

Mount Baker's snow-covered peak towers over the skyline south of Vancouver. Its slopes are popular for both skiers and hikers but they're also deadly.

Four other people have died on the mountain in the past year.