See inside a Caracas hospital, where frustrated workers care for desperate patients

In Venezuela, food isn't the only thing that's hard to come by. Hospitals are struggling to meet the needs of patients as even basic medications and supplies are hard to come by.
Frustrated workers, worried patients as supplies run low at Caracas hospital 1:33

At a busy Caracas hospital, some hallways are dark. There are 11 elevator banks at the facility, but just one can actually move patients — and it's far from reliable.

University Hospital Caracas is a vital institution in Venezuela's capital, but staff say they're struggling to do their job. Electricity is intermittent, the kitchen has no food, and medicine is in short supply.

Staff members are still showing up to work, but this week they launched a protest over missing pay. Workers sometimes sleep at the hospital because they can't afford the bus fare home.

They join patients who are also stuck, waiting for treatment that may not come. 

Watch the video above see inside the hospital and to hear from families desperate for treatment. Or watch an extended version below.