Sarah Lawrynuik

Sarah Lawrynuik is a freelance journalist based in Calgary who has covered news stories in Canada and around the world, including in France, Hungary, Ukraine and Iraq. She has worked for CBC in Halifax, Winnipeg and Calgary. She is the 2019/2020 Gordon Sinclair Roving Reporter, bringing stories from Eastern Europe back to Canada.

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ANALYSIS | Fighting climate denial and the 'dragons of inaction'

Evading responsibility and prioritizing other aspects of our lives over climate action is also a form of climate denial — at least according to the experts.

Australian living in Alberta struggles, watching wildfire destruction from afar

Australians living in southern Alberta are paying close attention as the fires burn near their homes a world away.

Poland's election features a confident right-wing ruling party despite abortion, LGBT debates

Poland, which holds a parliamentary election next Sunday, has been following in the footsteps of Hungary, turning toward conservative policies. Polls have indicated the ruling party is likely to control the government for another term.

Want to buy an EV? Slow down there, we're in Alberta

If you are one of the few Albertans itching to join the electric vehicle (or plug-in hybrid) club, you might find yourself struggling to be able to get the car you want.

Canmore plugs in first electric vehicle chargers in Peaks to Prairies network

The Canmore charging site is the first of 20 planned in southern Alberta aimed to ease drivers range anxiety.

2 dead after mid-air aircraft collision near Black Diamond, Alta.

Two people are dead after a glider and another aircraft collided in mid-air, south of Calgary on Friday. 

'Totally unacceptable,' Premier Kenney says of staying of hundreds of criminal charges

CBC News learned this week that hundreds of charges have been stayed at the Calgary Court Centre due to a shortage of prosecutors to try the cases.

Calgary Tower closes during repairs, investigation after dramatic elevator rescue

An elevator safety expert tells CBC News that if the cables did indeed snap, "something catastrophic has happened."

'We heard the cable snap': Firefighters rescue 8 in nerve-racking Calgary Tower elevator extraction

Calgary Fire says a harness was used to pull the stuck passengers up through the elevator's scuttle hatch and then lower them down through the hatch of a second elevator that was positioned parallel to the broken lift.

This is why Christine Blasey Ford came forward — and why I would, too

I haven't named the person who raped me. But that would change if my rapist was called on for an office in which he wielded enormous power over others, and required prodigious integrity, because I know he has none.

Hungary's anti-migrant laws mask more urgent domestic problems

It has been hard to be a humanitarian worker in Europe in recent years, as thousands of migrants and refugees have moved across the continent. But in Hungary, aid workers now face the possibility of prison terms just for doing their jobs.

Europe's millionaires have run out of room, so they're building homes into the sea

Roughly one out of every three people who live in Monaco are millionaires, but real estate is limited. So what do you do when you’re short on space and money is no object?

Calgary gym member out $1,500 after thief grabs keys from service desk, steals car

Laurie Bamford was absolutely shocked when a trip to the gym resulted in his car getting stolen, then trashed. He wants to see the gym take more responsibility for the resulting damage.

SAIT offers employees 'voluntary departure' buyouts to help squeeze budget

The technical institute is offering employees with seven years of service a financial incentive to leave the school.

MRU student alleged to have beaten professor with broomstick called 'poster child' by defence lawyer

The lawyer for a Calgary man charged with beating a university professor with a broomstick says violence is completely out of character for his client, while one of Matthew Brown's former hockey team managers says he's "flabbergasted."