Saša Petricic

Asia correspondent

Saša Petricic is the CBC's Asia correspondent, based in Beijing. He has covered China as well as reported from North and South Korea. He previously reported on the Middle East, from Jerusalem, through the Arab Spring and the Syrian civil war. He has filed stories from every continent for CBC News. Instagram: @sasapetricic

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More time to 'pause and think': Under pressure, Hong Kong government takes a step back on 'made in China' law

The Hong Kong government's proposed extradition law, currently on hold, has set off more panic than usual because it raises the spectre of China reaching into Hong Kong using any accusation at all, and scooping up anyone it considers a threat.

From hope to despair: Remembering Tiananmen everywhere except where it happened

In the leadup to today's politically sensitive anniversary, China's security services have been detaining and interrogating former student leaders, human rights activists and anyone else who might speak out.

Tim Hortons, Canada Goose and other Canadian brands winning over Chinese consumers despite Huawei spat

While Canada and China are in the midst of tense diplomacy over the apprehension of a Huawei executive, Canadian brands like Tim Hortons and Canada Goose have captured the imagination of Chinese consumers, Saša Petricic writes.

Canadian canola spat shows China has 'ways of hurting' trade partners for political ends

There's no official connection between the canola ban and China's dispute with Canada over the arrest of a Huawei executive. But diplomats and political observers say the ban is part of Beijing's strategy to put pressure on Ottawa.

Inside Huawei: International pressure prompts Chinese tech giant to open up

Huawei’s corporate home in the Shenzhen region doesn’t betray a hint of the political storm raging all around the Chinese tech giant, writes Saša Petricic.

Meeting 'terrific' Kim Jong-un: Trump hopes to strike nuclear weapons deal with North Korea's leader in Hanoi

U.S. President Donald Trump may have declared there was "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea" after last year’s talks with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, but most analysts say the threat is very real as the two leaders are set to meet in Vietnam this week for a second summit to discuss disarmament.

Beijing digs in: Canada's complaints are met with 'death-threat diplomacy' from China

Observers say recent Chinese actions signal a new level of aggressiveness for a rising power quite prepared to throw its weight around when other nations' actions don't match its world view.

GPS bike-share program in China credited with reducing gridlock and smog

Since the beginning of last year, Chinese cities have been awash with 23 million GPS-equipped bicycles, part of a bike share program that has been credited with changing traffic patterns across the country, writes Saša Petricic.

Journalists barred from Morneau speech in Beijing a day after Trudeau praises free press

Just a day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out in Paris in support of a free press — an institution he said needs to be "free-thinking, independent, rigorous, robust, respected" — Canada's finance minister gave a key speech in Beijing behind closed doors.

How China uses intimidation, negotiation to bring Christians under its control

China's constitution guarantees religious freedom, but since President Xi Jinping took office six years ago the government has tightened restrictions on churches it cannot control.

Typhoon Mangkhut's aftermath leaves the Philippines reeling and searchers dejected

Between the water, the high winds and the landslides, the Philippines are reeling from Typhoon Mangkhut. And the searchers are still looking for the bodies, many ending each day tired and dejected, CBC's Saša Petricic reports in this photo essay.

Hong Kong democracy movement bides its time in face of legal onslaught from China

The pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is a far cry from the one that blocked busy streets four years ago. The tone in the streets today is one of resignation, not rebellion, as the governments of China and Hong Kong make it clear they have little patience for dissent.

Gay dating app thrives in China, where LGBT rights are lagging

The Chinese gay dating app Blued boasts 40 million registered users worldwide while being based in a country where most LGBT men and women still feel locked in the closet, writes Saša Petricic.

From scathing insults to a high-stakes summit: Can Trump and Kim make a deal in Singapore?

Singapore, the city state has become Singapore, the summit state. The tone ahead of Tuesday's talks between the U.S. president and the North Korean leader has been positive, but the outcome is far from clear.

Trump's withdrawal from North Korea summit weakens optimism in South

The idea of peace on a peninsula still technically at war has started to feel so real that there’s a boom in property sales inside the demilitarized zone, writes Saša Petricic.