Saša Petricic

Asia correspondent

Saša Petricic is the CBC's Asia correspondent, based in Beijing. He has covered China as well as reported from North and South Korea. He previously reported on the Middle East, from Jerusalem, through the Arab Spring and the Syrian civil war. He has filed stories from every continent for CBC News. Instagram: @sasapetricic

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'A whole country locked inside': China struggles with coronavirus, and a new normal

The coronavirus’s epicentre may be a thousand kilometres south in the province of Hubei, but the nervousness has spread to China's capital, Beijing, and engulfed the whole country, writes Saša Petricic.

Beijing struggles to keep up with a virus  — and a nation on the move

China effectively quarantined Wuhan, cutting air and rail service to the city of 11 million people and closing down public transit within it. A government edict said citizens should not leave Wuhan unless they had "special conditions." 

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has China to thank for landslide re-election win

Saturday’s election victory for Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen was big, but the defeat for Beijing was bigger, a stark lesson the dictatorship next door — no matter how powerful or prosperous — holds little appeal for the only part of "Greater China" that gets a real vote on its own democratic future.

The man, the myth: How Xi Jinping's rise from village life explains China's ambitions

Chinese President Xi Jinping's path from a small village to the centre of power echoes China's struggle to overcome poverty and humiliation to become a global force.

Hong Kong's deep divide: Months of protests take their toll on families

Young protesters' passion for the democratic future of Hong Kong is causing deep family rifts, particularly with older generations who disagree with their tactics and don’t sympathize with their goals.

Is there a way out for Hong Kong? Not likely, as protesters become more inflamed

After more than 100 days of protest, Hong Kong is one bitter place. Anger and resentment hang in the air and explode on the streets almost daily now. And not just outside the legislature and other symbols of a deeply unpopular government.

Violence rising on both sides after 3 months of protests in Hong Kong

The scenes have become chilling, even in a Hong Kong that's now hardened from three months of clashes. With demonstrations mostly outlawed, the same streets where millions once walked peacefully now see fires on the roadway and blood on the pavement.

More time to 'pause and think': Under pressure, Hong Kong government takes a step back on 'made in China' law

The Hong Kong government's proposed extradition law, currently on hold, has set off more panic than usual because it raises the spectre of China reaching into Hong Kong using any accusation at all, and scooping up anyone it considers a threat.

From hope to despair: Remembering Tiananmen everywhere except where it happened

In the leadup to today's politically sensitive anniversary, China's security services have been detaining and interrogating former student leaders, human rights activists and anyone else who might speak out.

Tim Hortons, Canada Goose and other Canadian brands winning over Chinese consumers despite Huawei spat

While Canada and China are in the midst of tense diplomacy over the apprehension of a Huawei executive, Canadian brands like Tim Hortons and Canada Goose have captured the imagination of Chinese consumers, Saša Petricic writes.

Canadian canola spat shows China has 'ways of hurting' trade partners for political ends

There's no official connection between the canola ban and China's dispute with Canada over the arrest of a Huawei executive. But diplomats and political observers say the ban is part of Beijing's strategy to put pressure on Ottawa.

Inside Huawei: International pressure prompts Chinese tech giant to open up

Huawei’s corporate home in the Shenzhen region doesn’t betray a hint of the political storm raging all around the Chinese tech giant, writes Saša Petricic.

Meeting 'terrific' Kim Jong-un: Trump hopes to strike nuclear weapons deal with North Korea's leader in Hanoi

U.S. President Donald Trump may have declared there was "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea" after last year’s talks with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, but most analysts say the threat is very real as the two leaders are set to meet in Vietnam this week for a second summit to discuss disarmament.

Beijing digs in: Canada's complaints are met with 'death-threat diplomacy' from China

Observers say recent Chinese actions signal a new level of aggressiveness for a rising power quite prepared to throw its weight around when other nations' actions don't match its world view.

GPS bike-share program in China credited with reducing gridlock and smog

Since the beginning of last year, Chinese cities have been awash with 23 million GPS-equipped bicycles, part of a bike share program that has been credited with changing traffic patterns across the country, writes Saša Petricic.