Rome bans 'cruel' goldfish bowls

Rome city council passes bylaw banning spherical goldfish bowls and making daily dog walks compulsory.

Round goldfish bowls are out and daily dog walks are in for all law-abiding citizens of Rome.

City councillors in the Italian capital voted on Tuesday to ban spherical goldfish bowls, saying it's in the best interest of the fish.

Rome's daily newspaper Il Messaggero reported that round bowls cause fish to go blind. Animal activists call the bowls cruel, while fish experts say the bowls don't provide enough oxygen.

The bylaw also prohibits giving away goldfish or other animals as prizes.

"The civilization of a city can also be measured by this," city councillor Monica Cirinna told the newspaper.

Rome also followed in the footsteps of the northern Italian city of Turin, making it the law for dog owners to exercise their dogs daily. Failure to comply could cost dog owners a fine of $700.

The Roman bylaw also prevents animal owners from clipping dogs' tails or trimming cats' claws for visual appeal or leaving animals in hot vehicles or store windows. It also offers legal protection to people who feed colonies of cats.