Republican National Convention in Cleveland draws protesters

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown Cleveland on before the Republican National Convention, some with signs and costumes mocking the party's presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Naked women, Black Lives Matter among demonstrators at convention

Scores of protesters demonstrated in Cleveland before the Republican National Convention, some with signs and costumes mocking the party's presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Hundreds marched through downtown Cleveland on Sunday ahead of this week's Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena.

Protesters hold a sign reading 'Shut Down Trump and the RNC.' 

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Members of the social justice group NGO Code Pink, dressed as Lady Liberty, were also among the protesters in Cleveland on Sunday.

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Demonstrators clad in black and gold Guy Fawkes masks take part in the march. This style of mask has been adopted as the symbol of loosely organized 'hacktivist' collective Anonymous, although it's unclear if these protesters are with the group.

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Protesters on Sunday also included Indigenous people, with this man holding the sign 'Indigenous Resistance Since 1492.'

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There was a heavy police presence at the protests Sunday

The head of Cleveland's police union unsuccessfully asked that a state of emergency be declared so that laws allowing the open carrying of weapons could be halted during the convention.

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A reporter talks to police officers dressed in tactical gear Sunday as they guard a downtown street during a march involving various groups, including Black Lives Matter.

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A protester wears a sticker on her mouth during a demonstration near the site of the convention. Tensions between police and some civilians have been high since two black men were killed by officers in separate incidents in the U.S. earlier this month, and police in Dallas and Baton Rouge were later fatally shot.

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Some 50,000 people, including protesters, are expected in the city for the convention.

Demonstrators chant slogans while protesting in Cleveland. 

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Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate, has been a polarizing force over the course of the nomination campaign

Protesters carry a paper mache pig with Donald Trump-like hair. 

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A man wearing a Trump mask with a Pinocchio-like nose walks through downtown Cleveland on Sunday.

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Not everyone bearing a protest sign in Cleveland is anti-Trump

This sign alludes to Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

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Naked women gathered for a protest-art project

Women pose nude for photographer Spencer Tunick's art installation 'Everything She Says Means Everything' near the location of the Republican National Convention on Sunday. Tunick says on his website that the piece is taking a stand 'against the hateful repressive rhetoric of many in the Republican Party towards women and minorities.'

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Anti-abortion protesters made an early appearance

Anti-abortion protesters stand outside the building where news organizations were working Thursday, ahead of the Republican convention.

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