Renée Filippone

Renée is a CBC correspondent based in London, U.K. She has spent a decade with the organization in a number of roles, including senior business reporter, weekend news anchor, television and radio reporter, associate producer, program director and others.

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COVID-19 comes to Coronation Street: How the world's longest-running soap is dealing with a global pandemic

COVID-19 has been a difficult reality for months now, yet it's rarely reflected on television, aside from news programs. But now the virus has finally hit Coronation Street, the world's longest-running soap opera.

Socialite to alleged sex trafficker: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

On the cover of tabloid magazines and invited to the biggest events in Britain, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was part of high society. Now she's charged with helping to recruit three girls — one as young as 14 — to be sexually abused by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died last year.

A Royal return: What's in store for the monarchy after months in isolation?

For months, the Royal Family have traded in handshakes for hashtags during the pandemic lockdown in the U.K. But questions are being raised about the Queen's future on the throne after a long stretch out of the public eye.

Milan at a standstill: Life in a city when coronavirus fears take over

Life in Milan is at a standstill under tight restrictions to deal with Italy's coronavirus outbreak, which looms just outside the city's borders. But residents talk more about their concerns for the economy than their health.

Brexit arrives but 'the unknown' still looms over Northern Ireland

Britain leaves the European Union today, and frustration over the potential impact of Brexit on trade is high throughout parts of Northern Ireland that have relied on the free flow of goods and people within the EU for decades.

As U.K. election poll predicts Conservative majority, Labour can't shake its most vexing problem: its leader

With a new poll predicting the biggest Conservative majority in the Dec. 12 U.K. election since the Thatcher era, Labour's chances of unseating Prime Minister Boris Johnson are growing bleaker by the day and are not helped by the one factor that has dogged the party throughout the entire Brexit crisis: the unpopularity of its leader.

U.K. politicians up against unprecedented threat levels in Dec. 12 election campaign

Serious threats against candidates in the upcoming U.K. election have police recommending they change how they campaign, and concerns are being raised about the impact on democracy long-term.

Getting scanned for a pint: How facial recognition technology is being used in a London pub

In a pub in London, England, complicated technology is taking on a simple problem: waiting for a pint in lines that can sometimes be unruly.

Ride-hailing service Lyft expands outside U.S. for 1st time to take on Uber in Canada

Uber rival Lyft launches today in Toronto. The two companies will begin a battle not just for customers, but also for drivers, as many plan to double dip.

'Wow, it's actually beating': Novoheart creates tiny heart-like structure with stem cells to test new drugs

Novoheart Ltd. is the first in the world to use stem cells to grow miniature human heart-like valves and wants to use them to test new drugs — technology that may lead to fewer animals being used as test subjects and save big pharmaceutical firms billions.

New immigration program helping Canada in the global war for high-tech talent

The Global Skills Strategy, a fast-track immigration program designed to bring high-tech talent to Canada, has hooked more than 1,600 people in its first two and a half months, according to numbers obtained by CBC News.

TV industry frets over threat from skinny basic and pick-and-pay

It's been just over a week since the new skinny basic cable TV packages were introduced, and while consumers may not have been wowed by the offerings, many in the television industry worry a new era of consumer choice is going to hurt them.