Prince Rainier's health 'worrying': doctors

Monaco's Prince Rainer remains in "worrying" condition as doctors refused to speculate on whether he would ever recover.

Monaco's Prince Rainier III remains in "worrying" condition as doctors on Friday refused to speculate on whether the 81-year-old would ever recover from heart and kidney problems.

The longtime ruler who married American movie star Grace Kelly is hooked up to a respirator after suffering heart and kidney failure.

In a health bulletin issued Friday, three of his doctors reserved judgment on his health, which they said "remained worrying."

"Because of the fragility of his cardiac, respiratory and kidney functions, the vital prognosis remains reserved," said the statement.

The chief of internal medicine at La Pitie Salpetriere hospital in Paris has been asked to study Rainier's case.

Monaco's ruler was hospitalized two weeks ago with a chest infection. He was transferred to the intensive care unit of Monaco's seaside Cardio-Thoracic Centre when his health worsened on Tuesday.

His children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie rushed to his side.

Rainier succeeded his grandfather in 1949 to become the 31st ruler of the principality, a constitutional monarchy with a population of slightly more than 32,000.

The prince, whose 1956 marriage to Kelly captivated the world, has been head of state longer than any other ruler in the world except Thailand's King Rama IX.