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London, England tries to get rid of its feral parakeets

Wildlife authorities in the British capital are trying to remove a flourishing population of feral monk parakeets. But they're running into some ardent bird lovers who are determined to let the parakeets stay right where they are.
The monk parakeet, also known as the Quaker parrot, stands about 30 centimetres tall and has a wingspan of about 15 centimetres. It is primarily green with pale grey on its forehead, cheeks and chest. (Michelle Christenson, Corpus Christi Caller-Times/Associated Press)

London's tough Isle of Dogs neighbourhood is not the monk parakeet's natural habitat. The bird is native to Latin America. But, nonetheless, the monk parakeet has settled in. 

Wildlife authorities are now trying to remove this feral parakeet population. However, they also have Lorraine Cavanagh to contend with. She and some of her neighbours are rallying together as self-styled parakeet protectors, determined to foil any and all attempts to remove the unauthorized feathered visitors.  

As It Happens co-host Carol Off speaks with Cavanagh, who was at her home in London.


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