Paris protesters decry police brutality following shooting death of Chinese man

Dozens of Chinese Parisians gathered in front of a police station in northern Paris on Tuesday to protest against police brutality following the shooting death of a 54-year-old man who was allegedly killed in his own home in front of his teenage children.

54-year-old man was allegedly shot by police at home in front of his children

Community upset after officer fatally shoots Chinese national 1:18

Dozens of Chinese Parisians gathered in front of a police station in northern Paris on Tuesday to protest against police brutality.

On Sunday evening, Liu Shaoyo, a 54-year-old father of Chinese descent, was fatally shot by police at his house, in the presence of his teenage children.

Police said the man attacked officers with scissors, adding that an inquiry had been opened. The man's family, according to media reports, denied this and local media said he was holding scissors because he had been cutting fish.

Protests turn violent

Police said they questioned 35 people after Monday's street protests and three members of the police were treated for slight injuries, they said.

The Chinese community in the 19th district of Paris — in the north of the city — spontaneously gathered on Monday evening demanding justice, but the demonstration was marked by violence coming both from protesters and the police.

Lu Lu Zheng, nephew of Liu, said the police beat protesters before arresting at least 30 of them.

Chen Xihu, a Parisian Chinese student with no family ties to the deceased, came to protest and talked with the police commissioner at the station, arguing that there were other means to disarm a threatening person.

French police said on Tuesday they have opened an inquiry.