Palestinian militants escape Cairo prison

Six Palestinian militants, including one Hamas commander, have escaped from a Cairo prison during the Egyptian uprising and have made their way back to Gaza.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas says one of its commanders has escaped from a prison in Egypt, where he was accused of plotting bomb attacks.

Ayman Nofal escaped last week during the anti-government unrest and made his way into the sealed Gaza Strip through a smuggling tunnel under the border.

Hamas said Nofal was arrested in 2008 in Egypt but denies he was plotting bomb attacks there.

Nofal is one of several prominent prisoners who have escaped the Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo during the chaos in Egypt. 

Anti-government protesters raided the prison, clearing the way for Nofal and five other Palestinian militants to return to Gaza using the tunnels, Hamas officials said.

Egypt has closed its border with Gaza.

On Friday, security officials in Egypt revealed that a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah group had escaped from prison last Sunday after being jailed for planning attacks in Egypt.

Sami Chehab was sentenced last April to 15 years in prison. He's believed to have been a member of a Hezbollah cell that was working to smuggle weapons through Egypt to the Gaza Strip.

With files from The Associated Press