Olympic torch received warmly in Tanzania

The Olympic torch made its way Sudany to Tanzania where it received a warm and trouble-free welcome.

The Olympic torch made its way Sunday to Tanzania, where it received a warm and trouble-free welcome.

About 1,000 people cheered and marched with a team of 80 athletes and a politician who participated in the torch run in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's commercial capital.

It was the only stop in Africa for the torch relay, which in recent days has been plagued by thousands of anti-Chinese protesters in London, Paris and San Francisco.

Kenyan Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai, however, pulled out of the Tanzanian relay to protest China's human rights record.

Vice-President Ali Mohamed Shein lit the Olympic torch, passing it on to cabinet minister Mohamed Seif Khatib, who led the relay team from Dar es Salaam's train station to the city's main stadium.

The crowd that marched behind the relay team waved miniature Olympic flags and chanted, in the national language Kiswahili, "we are happy the torch came to Tanzania," and "we are glad to receive it."

The torch relay in Argentina on Friday has been the most trouble-free so far. The torch will go to Oman on Sunday night.

With files from the Associated Press