Megan Williams

Rome correspondent

Megan Williams is a Canadian foreign correspondent and writer based in Rome. Her radio documentaries and reports from around the world have won many awards. She covers everything from the Vatican, culture and corruption to Italy's ongoing refugee crisis.

Latest from Megan Williams

Inuit artists featured in Canadian pavilion for 1st time at Venice Art Biennale

One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk forms the centrepiece of Canada's official entry into this year's Venice Art Biennale, opening today. It's the first time Inuit artists have been featured in Canada's pavilion in its 60-year-history at the prestigious exhibit.

Exploitation in the fields: Sikh workers toil under gangmasters on Italian farms

Sikh workers who toil on Italian farms under tight control of criminal organizations have been protesting their low pay and working conditions, even though they face threats of violence.

Mayor of Bologna, Italy, on crusade to expose fake spaghetti Bolognese

The mayor of the northern Italian city of Bologna wants you to know that what you probably think is spaghetti Bolognese is nothing like the pasta and meat sauce made famous by the city.

Vatican sex abuse summit organizer unsure if accused priests still active

A main organizer of the Vatican summit on sex abuse has told CBC News that the Vatican has no idea if the priests accused by the eight people the Vatican selected to provide anonymous video testimony of their sexual abuse by priests are still in active ministry or not.

Nuns abused by clergy feel overlooked at Vatican summit

As top bishops from around the world gather at the Vatican for a summit on preventing sexual abuse of minors by clergy, victims of abuse have poured into Rome, too. Among them are many women like Wagner, here to draw attention to the abuse of nuns.

Mussolini's hometown aims to deter far-right supporters with Museum of Fascism

The small Italian town where Benito Mussolini was born has became a destination for neo-fascists who descend upon it to celebrate the Fascist ruler. Now the town aims to change that with a controversial Museum of Fascism it hopes will attract a different kind of visitor who wants to learn more about this dark period in Italian history.

Women battle 'sexist mentality' as Berlusconi appears poised for election comeback

When global awareness of sexism, harassment and under-representation of women is at an all-time high, many Italians seem set to support former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Actor-director Asia Argento says Berlusconi 'turned women into bodies to be used.'

Far-right parties push immigration to the centre of Italian election debate

As Italy heads to the polls Sunday to elect its 65th government in seven decades, far-right parties have pushed immigration to the forefront of the debate.

Italy's farmers 'demonizing' Canadian wheat in bid to protect domestic industry

Canadian wheat was a particular area of contention when farmers from across Italy gathered outside the country's parliament to protest CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal.

Not-quite freedom: After harrowing crossing, migrants forced into waiting game in Italy's detention camps

After months of abuse at the hands of human traffickers in Libya, many migrants pay a hefty fee to be 'pushed into a boat' on their way to freedom. But when they land in Europe, often on Italy’s south shores, they find they are faced with anything but.

3 Canadians make modern splash at Venice Biennale, while Pootoogook becomes 1st Inuit artist to show

Three living Canadian artists are showing work at the Venice Biennale, including official Canadian entrant Geoffrey Farmer, while the late Kananginak Pootoogook is the first Inuit artist ever to exhibit at the infuential art festival.

'Dignity itself': Saving world heritage sites from 'cultural cleansing' won't be easy

While the idea of rapid-response UN unit of "blue helmets of culture," as they were dubbed, has gained a considerable boost with this week's G7, it remains unclear how it will be implemented.

EU nations renew fragile pact amid threats from nationalism, Brexit

Today 27 nations renewed their pledge to the European Union amid concerns over Brexit, nationalism and the threat of terrorism.

Vatican's new guidelines maintain ban on gay priests

When the Vatican published a new set of guidelines last month for the training of seminarians, many hoped it would remove the ban on gay men entering the priesthood.

Once young and promising, Italy's Matteo Renzi gets handed his hat

If there was ever any doubt that Italy's referendum on constitutional reform was anything other than a verdict on Matteo Renzi as prime minister, the near 70 per cent voter turnout and resounding defeat of his proposals blasted away the last scraps of uncertainty.