Megan Williams

Rome correspondent

Rome correspondent Megan Williams has covered everything from Italian politics and migration to the Vatican and the Venice Biennale for almost two decades. Her award-winning documentaries can be heard on Ideas, The Current and other CBC shows. Megan is a regular guest host of As It Happens and The Current.

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A tale of 2 cities: Venice residents torn between mass tourism and a more harmonious existence

In the 1970s, upwards of 150,000 people resided in Venice, but today it's home to just over 50,000, with the population shrinking by 1,000 each year. Without tourists, there is hardly anyone left in the lagoon city.

'Moment of a lifetime' for Italians taking advantage of museums emptied of tourists by COVID lockdown

As pandemic restrictions were lifted this past week, with Italy opening its borders to travellers, the country's world-renowned museums and cultural sites saw only a trickle of tourists arriving. Italians now have the chance to see their own masterpieces by booking just days in advance, rather than weeks or months.

Italy grapples with a new rhythm as it emerges from 2-month lockdown

Italy, the first Western country to be ravaged by coronavirus, has further eased its two-month-long lockdown, allowing everything from museums and libraries to sit-down dining and hairdressers to reopen leaving businesses to grapple with radical changes to their operations.

Women have been on front lines of Italy's war on coronavirus but shut out from task force leading response

Dr. Alessia Bellan is one of thousands of female front-line workers in Italy who are furious with a government they say is clueless to their needs and upset about the lack of female representation during the COVID-19 response.

Italians allowed to visit relatives as country loosens more coronavirus restrictions

Italy begins lifting its two-month nationwide lockdown this morning as the government's "Phase Two" decree allows all citizens to visit some relatives, but Italians had a field day mocking the new guidelines, making it unclear how closely they will be followed.

Ventilators are being overused on COVID-19 patients, world-renowned critical care specialist says

As emergency and intensive care doctors around the globe work frantically to save the lives of people gravely ill with COVID-19, one of the world's foremost critical care experts is warning against what he calls the misuse and overuse of mechanical ventilators.

The lessons Italy has learned about its COVID-19 outbreak could help the rest of the world

Only epidemiological studies will bring to light exactly how and why COVID-19 took off in northern Italy with such speed. But experts say there are already lessons to be gleaned from Italy's fatal errors.

Italy sits tight under lockdown, as deaths and infections jump and coronavirus spreads south

After a glimmer of hope earlier this week that the effects of the quarantine were starting to show, official infections and deaths in Italy rebounded. Nerves are fraying as restrictions get tighter.

New Canadian cardinal seen as key to Pope Francis's reform 'vision'

On Saturday, Pope Francis will name Montreal native Michael Czerny as a new cardinal. Czerny's friends say he is socially progressive and can help Francis institute his reform agenda.

Canadian artist's bronze statue depicting plight of refugees in boat unveiled at St. Peter's Square in Rome

A Canadian artist's bronze statue depicting "the different states of mind and emotion" of refugees in a boat was unveiled Sunday in St. Peter's Square in Rome following a mass by the Pope, who decried indifference to the plight of migrants, on the World Day for Migrants and Refugees.

Italy changes course on immigration with new minister Luciana Lamorgese

Italy’s newly formed ruling coalition of the populist Five Star movement and left-leaning Democratic Party has decided to once again allow humanitarian rescue ships to dock here after more than a year of blocking ships under Matteo Salvini, the former minister of the interior.

'It was supposed to be a sort of coup by Salvini,' but a new political majority in Italy is emerging instead

With the crumbling of Italy's coalition government and the scramble to form yet another, this latest crisis to grip Italy could be seen as just one more confusing chapter in a country where chaos has been the one political constant.

Inuit artists featured in Canadian pavilion for 1st time at Venice Art Biennale

One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk forms the centrepiece of Canada's official entry into this year's Venice Art Biennale, opening today. It's the first time Inuit artists have been featured in Canada's pavilion in its 60-year-history at the prestigious exhibit.

Exploitation in the fields: Sikh workers toil under gangmasters on Italian farms

Sikh workers who toil on Italian farms under tight control of criminal organizations have been protesting their low pay and working conditions, even though they face threats of violence.

Mayor of Bologna, Italy, on crusade to expose fake spaghetti Bolognese

The mayor of the northern Italian city of Bologna wants you to know that what you probably think is spaghetti Bolognese is nothing like the pasta and meat sauce made famous by the city.