Man pleads guilty to shooting kids in car seats

A man who killed his two children will spend the rest of his life in prison in Maryland after he pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.

Prosecutors agreed to drop their plan to seek the death penalty in exchange for the guilty plea from Richard Spicknall, 28.

The deal calls instead for two consecutive sentences of life imprisonment without parole.

Spicknall admitted he shot his two children, Destiny, 3, and Richard, 2, as they sat in their car seats in September 1999 and planned to blame it on a carjacker.

An audio tape of Spicknall's confession to Maryland police was played in court a day before his decision to drop his insanity plea.

Estranged from his wife at the time of the killings, Spicknall was taking the kids to visit his parents for a week when he killed them. He planned to cover it up by saying his Jeep had been stolen by a carjacker.

The story Spicknall told police fell apart because a crew of roofers found the car parked behind a house. It was locked with the children still in their seats.

Richard was already dead but Destiny died later in hospital.