Justin Bieber alleged murder plot foiled by wrong turn to Canada

An imprisoned U.S. man whose infatuation with Canadian singer Justin Bieber included a tattoo of the pop star on his leg has told investigators in New Mexico he hatched a plot to kill him.

Alleged plot results in multiple charges

Singer Justin Bieber performs at Z100's Jingle Ball 2012 presented by Aeropostale at Madison Square Garden in New York in early December. (Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press)

An imprisoned U.S. man whose infatuation with Canadian singer Justin Bieber included a tattoo of the pop star on his leg has told investigators in New Mexico he hatched a plot to kill him. 

Documents in a New Mexico court say Dana Martin, a convicted killer, told investigators he persuaded a man he met in prison and the man's nephew to kill the pop superstar, as well as Bieber’s bodyguard and two others not connected to the pop star.

Martin told investigators that Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane travelled east across the U.S., planning to be near a Bieber concert in New York City.

Instead, the men missed a turn and crossed into Canada from Vermont.

Staake was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Ruane was arrested later. 

Mark Staake, 41, was arrested by Vermont police on probation violation charges Nov. 19. (Vermont State Police/Associated Press)

The two men face multiple charges stemming for the alleged plot.

"Through follow-up investigation it was discovered that Justin Bieber may have also been a target of the murder plot," wrote Lt. Robert McDonald in an emailed statement to the Associated Press.

According to an affidavit for an arrest warrant, Martin, 45, wanted all four victims, including Bieber, strangled with a paisley tie, which is similar to how Martin had killed his victims.

The affidavit suggests the first two victims were to be castrated — with a total of $2,500 US paid to Staake per testicle.

However, it does not say the third victim, believed to be Bieber, was to be castrated, as was previously reported.

Martin requested the two men kill four people in two separate attacks, according to the affidavit. According to the document, the ultimate target was a victim referred to as "J.B," whose bodyguard "M.B." would have to be killed first.

Martin told investigators he wanted J.B. killed because he "has a measure of fame" and Martin had "become infatuated" with him.

Martin has a tattoo of J.B. on his leg and attempted to contact him several times, but became upset when J.B. did not respond, the affidavit says.

The affidavit said this perceived slight and Martin's belief he was a nobody in prison led him to start plotting to kidnap and murder J.B.

'Measure of notoriety'

Martin told investigators "he was seeking a measure of notoriety so that there would be people outside of prison who would know who he ... was."

The Canadian singer's management, asked to comment on the reports, released a statement saying only that they take "every precaution to protect and ensure the safety of Justin [Bieber] and his fans."

Police in Vermont originally arrested Staake on Nov. 19 for violating probation. He is also wanted in New Mexico on two counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Vermont police told CBC News.

Staake and Ruane "are being investigated for their part in the criminal conspiracy to locate and murder two individuals in Vermont," according to the Vermont police statement.

No killings planned in the alleged plot were committed. Instead, Martin revealed the plots to police before Staake and Ruane could act.

Staake was arrested in the Vermont area and Ruane in New York, where Bieber gave a concert on Nov. 28.

With files frmo CBC News