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Rooming house owner ordered to pay $1.3 million to parents of woman killed in fire

The owner of the illegal Toronto rooming house that caught fire and claimed the life of a 24-year-old woman will have to pay the victim’s parents more than $1.3 million  in damages.

Canadian couple released from Turkish detention without charges

A Canadian couple who were detained by Turkish authorities near the Syrian border in July on suspicion of trying to join ISIS are on their way home to Canada after being released without charge, CBC News has learned.

RCMP investigating whether Canadian newlyweds detained in Turkey were radicalized

The RCMP has been combing through the background of two Canadian newlyweds who disappeared while on vacation in Turkey and are suspected of trying to join ISIS. They were picked up by Turkish police after a frantic family request.

'It's like whack-a-mole': How cities are grappling with unsafe rooming houses

There have been at least 532 rooming house fires across Canada leading to 47 deaths in the past five years, and communities grappling with the problem of unsafe dwellings are being forced to get creative.

'Her future was snuffed out': Rooming house fire victim's parents seek $5 million from landlord

The parents of a young woman who died in a fire at an unregistered Toronto rooming house are suing the landlord and hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of rental properties that don't comply with the fire code.

Health Canada investigating ads for natural health product targeting anxious teens

Health Canada is looking into the marketing of Veeva Teen, an herbal supplement claiming to help teens "suffering from anxiety" — counter to the health agency's guidelines.

How an Ebola research project could help combat vaccine disinformation in Canada

A Canadian research project in Congo centred on how to build trust in communities could help efforts to fight the spread of Ebola, measles and many other diseases around the world.

'We're scared, obviously': Japanese worry over growing North Korean nuclear threats

North Korea's nuclear missile development program and war of words with the U.S. has meant booming business for bomb-shelter builders in Japan, an industry that many associate with the Cold War.