Hurricane Stan kills 66

At least 66 people have died as Hurricane Stan sweeps across Mexico and Central America

At least 66 people have died, most of them in landslides in El Salvador, as Hurricane Stan attacked Mexico and Central America Tuesday and overnight Wednesday. Stan drove winds of up to 130 kilometres an hour before weakening to a tropical storm.

The big storm first hit a sparsely populated stretch of coastline south of Varacruz, Mexico, a busy port 295 kilometres east of Mexico City.

Meteorologists say Stan is creating separate storms across Central America and Southern Mexico, causing flooding and landslides.

Few details are available about the landslides in El Salvador, but the death toll there is reported to be 38.

In Oaxaca State, which borders Varacruz state in Southern Mexico, officials opened nearly a thousand shelters and were monitoring 80 communities considered still vulnerable.

The U.S. National Hurricane Centre predicted that heavy rains still threatened the state and much of the rest of southern Mexico.

Meanwhile, storm warnings have been issued for much of Florida as another tropical system, Tammy, gathers strength in the Atlantic.