Hezbollah refuses to disarm

Hezbollah guerrillas say they're ready to resume fighting with Israel over a disputed tract of land still being held by Israeli troops.

The Chebaa farms are located along a mountain range where the Lebanese, Syrian and Israeli borders meet. Israeli soldiers still hold positions there even though they withdrew from South Lebanon last week.

So Hezbollah said its fighters will not disarm as long as "Israel threatens Lebanon every day with strikes, attacks and punishment."

Hezbollah guerrillas claim the Chebaa farms belongs to Lebanon. They demand that Israel give it up or face a renewed battle.

Israeli maps show the territory belongs to Syria which lost it along with the Golan Heights during the 1967 war.

Israel is sending reinforcements to the Chebaa farms with orders to repel any cross border attacks.

United Nations surveyors are retracing old international borders to verify that Israel has withdrawn from South Lebanon. When that's confirmed, UN forces and regular Lebanese forces will move in to keep the peace.