Gotta catch 'em all: Pokemon World Championships wrap up in San Francisco

Over 1,600 contestants from more than 35 countries took part in video game tournaments and trading card game events

8 contestants crowned as best Pokemon players in the world following 3 days of competition

The greatest Pokemon players in the world were crowned this weekend at the 2016 Pokemon World Championships in San Francisco.

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Players competed for more than $500,000 in prizes

In addition to the title of world champion, lots of prizes were up for grabs, including scholarships, travel certificates and cold, hard cash. The top player in the Pokemon trading card game received $25,000 US, while the top video gamer received $10,000.

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More than 1,600 players from more than 35 countries

The world championships featured players who qualified throughout the 2016 championship series season. Those who earned enough points were invited to San Francisco to compete for the title of Pokemon world champion.

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With so many players from all over the world, translators were on hand to assist. In the photo below, a judge requests a translator for a Japanese-speaking contestant. 

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Catching Pokemon is hard work!

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Championships closed to the general public 

Due to overwhelming demand and limited space, this year's championships were open only to qualified players and their families.

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Who said Pokemon is just for kids?

While there are no age limits in the Pokemon World Championships, the format of the prizes depends on the age of the recipient. The top players who are 18 or older have the option of receiving cash prizes. Those under 18 can choose between school scholarships or travel certificates. Sorry kids, no cash!

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Trading card game competition 

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The Pokemon trading card game championships is an invitation-only event. Players earn invites to this prestigious competition by performing at an exceptional level throughout the championship series season.

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Video game competition 

Top Pokemon video game players from around the world also receive invitations based on their points standing at the end of the season.

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Pokemon Day in Mexico City

Meanwhile, thousands gathered in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park on Sunday to play Pokemon Go and celebrate the worldwide app phenomenon. 

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Mexicans of all ages, some in costume, descended on the park early in the day, phones and tablets in hand, ready to capture Pokemon.

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Following the Pokemon hunt in the park, many players went to a cultural centre to watch the finals of the Pokemon World Championship in San Francisco.

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