'Go Canadian' for stress-free vacation, company advises

U.S. company offers 'Go Canadian' package, including t-shirt, for U.S. travellers weary of political questions while on vacation.

An American T-shirt company says its "Go Canadian" package is the perfect solution for U.S. travellers weary of dealing with questions on politics while on vacation.

Billed as "the perfect gag gift for that friend that wants to move to Canada,"'s package will provide a "complete disguise" for $24.95 US.

It includes a T-shirt showing the flag and the words "O Canada," a flag lapel pin and sticker, and a maple leaf patch for luggage or backpacks.

It also comes with a quick reference guide called "How to Speak Canadian, Eh?!" to help people answer any questions about Canada while travelling.

According to the guide, "Wayne Gretzky" is an appropriate answer to any sports question, hockey is the only real sport in Canada, and Hogtown means Toronto, while Cowtown means Calgary.

Bill Broadbent, the president of the New Mexico-based company, said the idea grew out of a joke, after one of his colleagues heard someone complaining about being grilled over American politics while overseas.

Broadbent says the packages have found a niche market.

"This is purchased primarily by Republicans giving them to their Democratic friends," said Broadbent.

He says Republican buyers account for about 70 per cent of the couple hundred 'Go Canadian' package sales.