Everest explorer found 75 years later

The body of famed Everest explorer George Mallory was found on the peak over the weekend, 75 years after he and his partner Andrew Irvine made their attempt at reaching the summit.

They were last seen on their way to the top on the 1924 expedition but it's never been known if they reached their destination.

Climbers from the Seattle-based Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition found Mallory's body on Saturday, 274 metres below the summit. Partially protruding from the snow and ice, it was perfectly preserved with a rope still tied around the waist.

"The remains were conclusively identified, and the surrounding area investigated by our team," expedition leader Eric Simonson said in a statement.

The team buried Mallory's body on the mountain after a short ceremony, according to the family's wishes.

Sir Edmund Hillary, of New Zealand, who along with his partner Tenzing Norgay is seen as the first to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest, says we'll never really know if Mallory made it before him.

The cameras Irvine and Mallory carried were not found despite investigation by the Simonson team.