Egypt kills Sharm el-Sheikh bombing suspect

Egyptian police have killed Mohamed Fulayfel, a suspect in the July 23 bombings of a Red Sea resort, the interior ministry said.

Egyptian police killed a suspect in the bombings of a Red Sea resort in a gunfight, the country's interior ministry said on Monday.

Mohamed Fulayfel was shot about 18 kilometres from the town of Suez, the statement said. It did not specify when.

At least 64 people died when three bombs exploded in Sharm el-Sheikh on July 23.

Police received a tip about Fulayfel's location. They were shot at as they approached, and fired back, according to Egyptian officials.

"The police forces immediately dealt with the source of fire and it became clear that Mohamed Ahmed Saleh Fulayfel had been killed. He was in the company of his wife, who was wounded and taken to hospital for treatment," the statement said.

His wife later died and the couple's four-year-old daughter was injured, a security source told the Reuters news service.

Fulayfel is also accused of a role in bombings at three resorts last year. He has been in hiding.

Fulayfel's brother Suleiman was killed in one of the October attacks after a timing device failed, police said.