Easter Bilby takes on the Easter Bunny

Australian conservationists have declared war on the Easter Bunny and sent their Easter Bilby to the front.


9 years ago

Australian conservationists have declared war on the Easter Bunny and sent their Easter Bilby to the front.

The bilby is a rabbit-sized marsupial with a pouch like a kangaroo, and there may be as few as 600 of them left.

Their habitat has been overtaken by rabbits, an invasive species introduced to Australia that is considered a major pest.

The Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia is among the groups promoting the Easter Bilby.

"Very young children are indoctrinated with the concept that bunnies are nice soft fluffy creatures, whereas in reality they are Australia's greatest environmental feral pest and cause enormous damage to the arid zone," the foundation says.

Chocolate bilbies have caught on in Australia, though they still have to fight for shelf space with chocolate bunnies.

The battle continues outside the shops, however, as funds raised by chocolate bilby sales are used in rabbit eradication efforts.