Drug agents burned alive by Mexican mob

An angry crowd burned alive 2 officers in Mexico City believing the agents were trying to kidnap children

An angry crowd burned alive two federal agents in Mexico City on Tuesday night, believing the officers were trying to kidnap children.

The plainclothes agents, who were taking pictures of students outside a school in the southeastern part of the city, were attacked and killed by the mob. A third agent is in hospital after being badly beaten.

The three were taking part in an undercover drug operation, according to federal police director Jose Luis Figueroa. He said police could not help them in time because of heavy traffic and people blocking the way.

The officers were held by the mob for hours before they were killed. Jeering and chanting obscenities, members of the crowd beat and kicked the officers before dousing two of them with gasoline and setting them on fire.

The killings were filmed and broadcast on local television stations.

The agents were shown speaking into the camera, saying they were federal anti-terrorism agents who had been sent to the area on official business.

The attack follows the disappearance of two children in the area. The youngsters are feared to have been kidnapped from the school.

The police have not yet made any arrests.