Designer lunch bag selling for $290

German fashion designer Jil Sander has created what many are calling the 'world's most expensive paper bag.'

A brown paper lunch bag appears to be the hottest new must-have accessory among fashionistas around the world.

But not just any lunch bag. German fashion designer Jil Sander has come up with what many are calling the "world’s most expensive paper bag."

The rectangular sack, which looks exactly like what students and office workers use to carry their lunches, is being sold by for $290.

Marketed as a men’s bag, it’s made from coated paper and features brown stitching along the seams and two metal eyelets near the base.

The designer’s name, Jil Sander, is printed on the front panel to ensure that no one mistakes it for any ordinary lunch sack.

According to the NY Daily News, the Jil Sander store in SoHo is already out of stock, and the medium-sized version of the bag is sold out on the LN-CC website. Thankfully for those desperate to get their hand on one, the small version is still available for $275.

If the price for a paper bag seems a bit high, consider Louis Vuitton’s own shabby chic creation from 2010: his Raindrop Besace purse, which at the time retailed for approximately $2,000, was modeled after a plastic garbage bag.