Design revealed for world's tallest tower

Toronto's CN Tower will lose its title as the world's tallest freestanding structure once the New Tokyo Tower is completed in 2011.

A computer-generated image of what's to become the world's tallest self-supporting communications tower was unveiled on Friday in Tokyo.

Holding that title is Toronto's CN Tower, which is 553 metres high. The New Tokyo Tower will stand 610 metres high once it's completed in 2011, according to Tobu Railway Co., which owns the building site.

The company will work withsix Japanese broadcasting networks to construct the television and radio transmitter tower in eastern Tokyo.

It will replace a 333-metre tower built in the centre of the capital in 1958. That structure will be maintained as a backup transmission facility.

The new tower will be fitted with two observation platforms, at the 350-metre and 450-metre levels,the Japan Times newspaper reported.

It will sit on a triangular base and become cylinder-like as it stretches upwards.