Defendant in Belgian pedophilia case says he is 'not a murderer'

Accused killer Marc Dutroux has told a Belgian court he is 'not a murderer.'

The principal defendant in a shocking court case in Belgium says he was just a small fish in a criminal network that sold children into the sex trade.

"I am not a murderer," Marc Dutroux told the packed courthouse during a three-hour address to the jury. "I am not asking for forgiveness, I can't do much to change the irreversible."

Dutroux's trial is coming to a close after more than three months. He made his final courtroom appeal on Thursday.

The 47-year-old is charged with murdering two teens; kidnapping leading to the deaths of two eight year olds; murdering an accomplice and a variety of other crimes.

Two other girls were rescued from his home just before his arrest in 1996. They have both testified at the trial.

Dutroux has admitted he kidnapped and sexually abused the two survivors. But he denies the other charges.

He claims his wife was at fault for the death of the two pre-teens.