David Perlich


He has produced television, radio and online programming in Calgary since 1992 — including CBC's 2015 Alberta election special. He worked for Al-Jazeera in Washington, D.C., was the managing editor of the Belgian newspaper De Morgen and also reported as CBC's Vatican analyst in the 2005 and 2012 conclaves. He was born in Calgary, grew up on a farm, and now calls this city home.

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How Calgary's maverick mythology, as mask and reality, can influence the roads ahead

Like all cities, Calgary has its mythology. Not mythology as in untruth, but as in grand narrative.

Calgary's moment of choice: How the city can break its mould but preserve its soul

Cities don't just happen. They are the collective result of countless decisions. And Calgary is now at a point particularly well suited to reflect on who we are — and discern what we want to become.

The growing pains Alberta faces as it sheds its boom-and-bust past

Many involved in the energy sector, especially, are making changes based on the expectation of new realities, planning for a future that doesn't look like the past.

The reality of the recession bites some Albertans harder. What that means for the election — and whoever wins

The two-headed economy is shaping up as a major issue for voters — and a challenge for whichever party forms the next government.

Why there is no quick fix for Alberta's malaise, no matter how much we want one

"Perhaps the hunt for such a fix is, itself, a problem — one that blinds us to a need for a multiplicity of smaller solutions."

After the crossroads, Calgary looks to the road ahead

The Road Ahead. It's about the choices we face. In our ongoing CBC Calgary series, we're leaving the crossroads behind, and looking forward.

Mother Teresa and the severe scrutiny of the modern crowd

Mother Teresa has plenty of critics, but David Perlich wonders whether anyone's reputation could endure the scrutiny of the modern internet crowd and come out unscathed.

Calgary at a Crossroads: The economy's tanked, now what?

The devastating downturn in the oilpatch marks the end of easy money, and makes it a good time to figure out the true culture and character of Calgary. If we’re not Canada’s brazen economic powerhouse, then who are we? Welcome to CBC Calgary's continuing series Calgary at a Crossroads.

At Vatican synod, the biggest change is to change itself

While synods are usually where the Catholic church's hierarchy debates doctrine and advises on implementation, this one was more an exercise in airing opinions. But it would be a mistake to think of this as a failure for Pope Francis's reform movement.

In U.S. Catholics, Pope faces a church divided like no other

Though Pope Francis will no doubt be welcomed by large crowds on his trip to the U.S. this week, American Catholicism has long been splintered. And his "fresh air" papacy hasn't helped.

Pope Francis's struggle to balance transparency and tradition

As the 200 or so Catholic bishops who participated in the Vatican’s Synod on the Family return to their homes around the world, they take with them powerful emotions, some wounded pride and deep divisions, writes David Perlich.

Pope Francis turns up the heat on church's future — behind closed doors

Pope Francis has insisted on an open debate and welcomed people to challenge him at the "extraordinary synod" underway at the Vatican, a move David Perlich says is extraordinary in itself.

Pope Francis strides onto the global stage

He wades into crowds, kisses babies and exudes a folksiness that is utterly disarming. At the same time, David Perlich reports, Pope Francis is moving himself and the Vatican's diplomatic corps firmly onto the global stage, saying politics is "a common good."

How Pope Francis is reshaping the Vatican

Rumours of revolution are swirling through the streets of Rome and the frescoed halls of Vatican City. Compassion is in, doctrinal conservatism is out — and so are an ever increasing number of the old guard.