Crisis in Pakistan

Read a special report on the flooding that has affected one-fifth of Pakistan's land and left millions homeless.

Flooding affects one-fifth of country's land, leaves millions homeless

The situation: Floods, triggered by heavier-than-normal monsoon rains, began in northwest Pakistan in late July. The waters spread — affecting 160,000 square kilometres, one-fifth of the country's land — before they started to recede in late August.

To date, more than 1,750 people have been killed and 21 million have been affected. Eight to 10 million people still need daily help and roughly six million people have been left homeless, according the United Nations.

Pakistan's president says it will take at least three years for the country to recover and has appealed for the world's help.

Canada has pledged $40.5 million in aid so far. The federal government has also pledged to match, dollar for dollar, money raised by Canadians for relief operations made by Oct. 3. Canadian charities are now tallying up their totals  of eligible donations.

How you can help

The Humanitarian Coalition is accepting donations for Pakistan flood relief.

Canadian aid efforts

Here is how the Canadian government has responded to major international disasters in recent years:


Pakistan floods: The government pledges $40.5 million in humanitarian aid and announces it will match individual Canadians' donations to relief groups.

Haiti earthquake: The government provides $150 million in humanitarian assistance. The government also matches $220 million in donations from individual Canadians. Half of those matching funds are included in Canada's March announcement of an additional $400 million of development aid and debt relief.


China earthquake: The federal government matches $30 million in individual Canadians' donations after the Sichuan quake. The government also donates $1 million directly to the Red Cross.

Burma cyclone: The government matches the $11.6 million donated by Canadians, in addition to giving $500,000 to the Red Cross for aid after Cyclone Nargis.


Kashmir earthquake: Both Liberal and Conservative governments contribute approximately $130 million over two years, including $28 million from matching funds.


Asian tsunami: The Liberal government announced $425 million in humanitarian aid and reconstruction funds in January 2005. Of that, $213 million came from matching donations of individual Canadians.

Source: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)