Chinese teen buys iPad 2 with kidney sale: reports

Some people would go to any length to get an iPad 2, but one teenager in China went to the extreme: Selling his kidney to buy an Apple tablet computer, according to reports.
Customers learn to use the iPad 2 inside Apple's Sanlitun retail store in Beijing on May 8. The tablet computer was launched last month in China to throngs of consumers and scalpers. (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)

Some people would go to any lengths to get an iPad 2, but one teenager in China went to the extreme: Selling his kidney to buy an Apple tablet computer, according to reports.

The 17-year-old, identified by Chinese media as Little Zheng, told a local television station he sold his organ over the internet, according to the BBC online.

Friday's report says the high school student saw an online advertisement offering money to organ donors, and illegal agents organized for the teen's procedure in hospital.

He was given the equivalent of $3,392 US after the operation that he used to buy the iPad 2 and a laptop, the BBC quotes Chinese media as saying. 

The report adds that the story came to light after his mother noticed the new high-tech items and a deep red scar on his body.

Chinese authorities banned organ trafficking in 2007, and have introduced a voluntary donor scheme to try to combat the illegal but flourishing trade.

The iPad 2 went on sale in China last month, attracting long lineups and scalpers.

As well, an explosion at Apple's Foxconn Technology Group factory near the central Chinese city of Chengdu that killed three people and injured several others suspended production of the iPad 2 and other products, further hindering the ability to readily get the tablet. 

By the end of the year, Apple plans to open 25 new stores in China.